At least 100 killed, 4,000 injured in massive explosions devastating Beirut

  • Death toll rises as search continues for survivors
  • Nightmare scene ‘was like a nuclear bomb’

Initial investigations point to negligence as cause of Beirut blast

  • 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, used in fertilisers and bombs, had been stored for six years at the port without safety measures
  • A source said a fire had started at warehouse 9 of the port and spread to warehouse 12, where the ammonium nitrate was stored
By Reuters ·


Interactive map exposes shocking scale of Hezbollah’s global crimes

  • The project, which spans four decades of activity, is the largest repository of open-source information about the group
By Ephrem Kossaify  ·

Saudi Arabia announces 36 more deaths from COVID-19

  • The total number of recoveries in the Kingdom has increased to 245,314
  • A total of 3,020 people have succumbed to the virus in the Kingdom so far
By Arab News ·

Israeli military sets up coronavirus task force

  • In a statement, the military said the new task force would begin operating next week
  • The unit will operate a sampling center, a quarantine center, recovery hotels, an evaluation complex and an epidemiological investigations center
By AP ·

Indian PM lays foundation of temple at razed mosque site

  • The Babri Masjid mosque was destroyed by Hindu radicals with pickaxes and crowbars in December 1992, sparking massive Hindu-Muslim violence
  • The violence left some 2,000 people dead, most of them Muslims
By AP ·

Dubai launches economic program for post COVID-19 recovery 

  • “The Great Economic Reset Programme” is part of a “COVID Exit initiative” to help the recovery and reshaping of the economy
  • The economic program will feature analyses of current and future policies
By Arab News ·

Why Riyad Mahrez should shed reluctant hero tag and join Arab greats

  • The Algerian winger could be a few weeks away from his crowning glory
  • Beyond his goals, assists and medals, he is one of the most aesthetically pleasing players to watch in the Premier League
By Ali Khaled ·

Malaysian police chief insists Al Jazeera probe ‘professional’

  • The government said the documentary tarnished the image of the country
  • Abdul Hamid said the investigation “will be very transparent”
By AFP ·