Number of coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia could hit 200,000, says health minister

  • Minister added it was vital the public cooperated with the government’s instructions and precautionary measures
By Arab News ·


LIVE: Middle East governments tighten coronavirus lockdown as cases continue to surge

  • The new curfews in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia apply to all major cities
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Oil crisis puts 300m livelihoods at risk, says IEA chief

  • Global oil crisis could lead to the loss of millions of jobs says IEA chief
  • COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented collapse in demand for oil
By Frank Kane ·

Amid lockdowns in Saudi Arabia, families hunkering down to battle ‘cabin fever’

  • Social distancing may help forge a stronger bond between family members if situation is handled tactfully, say experts
By Lojien Ben Gassem ·

Israel seeks immediate resumption of talks on citizens held in Gaza

  • Israel linked any future coronavirus aid to Gaza on progress in efforts to recover two soldiers who went missing in the 2014 war and two civilians who separately slipped into the enclave
  • Yehya Al-Sinwar, Hamas chief in Gaza, has rejected the linkage to coronavirus aid
By Reuters ·

Military promises Pakistani doctors gear to fight virus

  • Some of the doctors said they were mistreated by police and that some of their colleagues were beaten
  • The health ministry’s spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpour, said 27,039 people have recovered so far while 3,987 remain in critical condition
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UAE-led research recommends low risk cancer patients delay surgery amid COVID-19 crisis

  • Report recommends each case still be considered for their individual needs
  • Low risk patients might be asked to consider delaying surgery
By Arab News ·

When Saudi Arabia dreamed of a World Cup miracle

  • A heroic battle against Sweden at USA 94 remain’s the nation’s best performance at the World Cup
  • Some clever substitutions in extra time nearly clinched it for the Saudis
By Ali Khaled ·

TWITTER POLL: With the coronavirus handshakes are out, just wave or say ‘assalamu alaikum’

  • Despite the distancing some people still opt for a elbow-bump or foot-shake
  • The Arabic greeting of ‘assalamu alaikum’ remains as relevant now as always
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