Pentagon confirms its ‘long-term’ commitment with Saudi Arabia

  • The US removed two of its four Patriot anti-missile units from Saudi Arabia, earlier in May
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Exclusive: Ex-Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt says ‘door to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations remains open’

  • Renewed negotiations could impact Israel’s plans to annex Jordan Valley, Greenblatt tells Arab News
  • He says there is still time for President Abbas to reverse his decision and go back to the negotiating table

Turkey’s rulers plot law changes to block breakaway parties’ power grab

  • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP is working on a plan to stop parliamentary deputies from transferring to other parties
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Saudi Arabia announces 16 more deaths from COVID-19 as restrictions partially eased

  • The health ministry announced 3,531 new cases of recovery
  • Saudi Arabia will see a partial ease in coronavirus lockdown restrictions from Thursday
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Russian jets deployment in Libya sparks fears of Ankara-Moscow clash

  • US AFRICOM: US Africa Command assesses that Moscow recently deployed military fighter aircraft to Libya in order to support Russian state-sponsored private military contractors
  • Turkey supports Syrian rebels and Libya’s Government of National Accord, while Russia backs Syria’s President Bashar Assad and the Libyan forces of Haftar
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India says it will ‘peacefully resolve’ border stand-off with China

  • Development follows US President’s mediation in the dispute
  • Stand-off began in the first week of May when a scuffle broke out near Pangong Tso Lake
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Lebanon removes banking secrecy rules to fight corruption

  • The move opens the way for investigations into bank accounts of current and former officials such as Cabinet ministers
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English Premier League to restart on June 17

  • No matches have been played since Leicester’s 4-0 win over Aston Villa on March 9
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Trump threatens to ‘close down’ social media after tweets tagged

  • Twitter for the first time acted against US president's false tweets
  • For years, Twitter has been accused of ignoring the president's breaking of platform rules
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