Egypt Coptic church suspends Easter Holy Week services over virus

  • The church said the decision was taken on Thursday during a meeting chaired by Pope Tawadros II
  • Church spokesman Boulos Halim said these were “unprecedented and historic” measures
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If Saudi Arabia is forced to put the Hajj on hold, it will not be without precedent

  • Saudi minister's remarks have called into question viability of this year's Hajj amid coronavirus crisis
  • The annual Islamic pilgrimage has a history of disruptions and cancellations going back centuries

Dubai says essential trips during curfew hours require permit

  • Public members have to register on the website to seek permits for leaving during the 24-hour restriction
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How Saudis can stop social distancing from getting them down

  • Saudi government has taken several measures to check the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to ensure public safety
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Virus pandemic hits Egypt’s Ramadan preparations, prayers

  • The government restrictions have affected the flow of trade in Cairo’s Taht Al-Raba area, which usually draws big crowds during and prior to Ramadan with its distinctive lantern displays
By Mohammed Al-Shamaa ·


Taliban warn US agreement breach could lead to mistrust

  • The historic peace deal was signed after nearly a year and a half of intensive talks
By Sayed Salahuddin ·


Mission control in Mumbai’s Dharavi slums to stop virus spread

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Three Sudanese arrested over French ‘terror’ stabbing

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UAE to boost strategic stockpile, says vice president

  • Emirati central bank to guarantee liquidity in banking system, boosting its stimulus package to $70 bn
By Reuters ·

Rooney says handling of Premier League pay row ‘a disgrace’

  • The Premier League’s suggested strategy involving a combination of pay cuts and deferrals amounting to 30 percent of wages, was discussed in a conference call with players’ and managers’ representatives on Saturday
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TWITTER POLL: Nearly 50% say they’ll consider attending a concert, cruise up to 6 months after the coronavirus crisis

  • Nearly 90% of people said they would eventually go back to crowded events
  • For some the risks are just too much - for them this is the end for concerts
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