Number of coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia could hit 200,000, says health minister

  • Minister added it was vital the public cooperated with the government’s instructions and precautionary measures
By Arab News ·


LIVE: Middle East governments tighten coronavirus lockdown as cases continue to surge

  • The new curfews in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia apply to all major cities
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Oil crisis puts 300m livelihoods at risk, says IEA chief

  • Global oil crisis could lead to the loss of millions of jobs says IEA chief
  • COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented collapse in demand for oil
By Frank Kane ·

Amid lockdowns in Saudi Arabia, families hunkering down to battle ‘cabin fever’

  • Social distancing may help forge a stronger bond between family members if situation is handled tactfully, say experts
By Lojien Ben Gassem ·

Israeli security agency says it arrested alleged Iran spy

  • The Shin Bet alleged in a statement the man was in contact with Iranian agents abroad, where he was given money, guidance and encryption tools
  • Israel and Iran are bitter enemies who have long fought a shadow war that over the last year has increasingly spilled out into the open
By AP ·

Military promises Pakistani doctors gear to fight virus

  • Some of the doctors said they were mistreated by police and that some of their colleagues were beaten
  • The health ministry’s spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpour, said 27,039 people have recovered so far while 3,987 remain in critical condition
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UAE-led research recommends low risk cancer patients delay surgery amid COVID-19 crisis

  • Report recommends each case still be considered for their individual needs
  • Low risk patients might be asked to consider delaying surgery
By Arab News ·

When Saudi Arabia dreamed of a World Cup miracle

  • A heroic battle against Sweden at USA 94 remain’s the nation’s best performance at the World Cup
  • Some clever substitutions in extra time nearly clinched it for the Saudis
By Ali Khaled ·

India asks TikTok, Facebook to remove users spreading coronavirus misinformation

  • TikTok said it was “actively working with the government to support” their efforts to fight misinformation
  • Facebook said it was taking “aggressive steps to stop misinformation and harmful content from spreading on our platforms”
By Reuters ·