Dawn of a new leader, Kuwait’s new emir sworn in and pledges to do his ‘utmost best’

  • The new Emir said the country’s constitution ensured a “smooth transition” of leadership
  • He succeeds his brother Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah who ruled Kuwait since 2006
By Arab News ·


‘Just shut up, man’ - Biden and Trump trade personal insults in first presidential debate

  • Biden called the president a ‘clown,’ ‘racist,’  and ‘a liar’
  • Trump attacked Biden as a puppet in the hands of the radical left
By Ephrem Kossaify ·

Body of late Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah laid to rest

By Arab News ·


Egypt hosts talks over Libyan reconciliation process

By Mohammed Abu Zaid ·


U20 Mayors Summit: Reimagining the city in the age of COVID-19

By Frank Kane ·

Saudi Cabinet congratulates security forces for thwarting terror cell

  • King Salman thanked international leaders and officials for their messages of congratulations to the Kingdom and its people on the occasion of its 90th National Day
By SPA ·

Saudi app fights fake promotions, discounts

By Hebshi Alshammari ·

Ministry makes 14-day gap between two Umrahs mandatory

By Tareq Al-Thaqafi ·


American G20 ‘sherpa’ Chris Olson lauds strong, long-standing Riyadh-Houston links

  • Chris Olson: It began with oil but developed into a cultural and economic exchange – a lot of Saudis ended up calling Houston home
  • Olson: I’ve been impressed by how Riyadh has taken the U20 concept and moved it forward
By Frank Kane ·


Italian defense minister, Iraqi Kurds hold talks

By Francesco Bongarrà ·

Migrants hoping to reach EU stranded in Bosnian woods as cold sets in

  • As the EU attempts to overhaul its defunct migration policies, thousands of people fleeing Asia, the Middle East and Africa are stranded on the fringe of the wealthy bloc
  • In ethnically-divided Bosnia, the Serb and Croat-dominated regions refuse to accept migrants, and so they concentrate in the Bosniak-dominated Sarajevo and Krajina
By Reuters ·


First Abu Dhabi Bank and Egypt Post launch services drive

  • The First Abu Dhabi Bank is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates
By Mohammed Abu Zaid ·

Football returns to the UAE at last as AGL looks to drum up fan interest

  • After a seven-month break, league and cup action will resume across the Emirates in the coming weeks
  • The return of domestic football had initially been scheduled for September but was put back due to the continued risk of the coronavirus
By Ali Khaled ·


Arab News post-debate panelists: No clear winner between Biden and Trump

  • Arab News correspondents Ray Hanania and Ephrem Kossaify, joined by veteran Arab American journalists Dalia Al-Aqidi and Warren David