UN warns Yemen on brink of famine again

  • A UN coordinator said millions of vulnerable families could quickly move from “being able to hold on to being in free fall”
  • Saudi Arabia emerged as the biggest donor at the June event, pledging $500 million
By AFP ·

Lebanese convicted of financing Hezbollah in US returns home

  • Kassim Tajideen was sentenced last year in a federal court in Washington
  • There was no immediate comment from US or Lebanese officials on his early release
By AP ·

Saudi anti-graft agency probes 105 corruption cases in different sectors

  • A Nazaha official said the Kingdom will continue to pursue cases of misappropriation of public money
  • The cases involved fraud, bribery, and financial and professional corruption
By SPA ·

US general sees smaller but enduring troop presence in Iraq

  • Tensions spiked between the US and Iraq in January after a US drone strike killed Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis
  • McKenzie said the US recognizes that Al-Kadhimi is in a difficult position as he tries to deal with all factions within the government
By AP ·

Lin Dan retirement ends era of ‘Chinese sports superstar’

  • The era of the superstar that once belonged to Chinese sports has faded
By AFP ·

TWITTER POLL: UK decision to exclude Arab nations from COVID-19 quarantine ‘unjust’

  • Saudi Arabia's infection rate is similar to UK, Egypt is even lower
  • Poll reveals Arab News readers believe quarantine rule is unjust
By Arab News ·