A ‘Saad’ day for Lebanon: Hariri’s fourth term as PM met with skepticism

  • Lebanese voice their anger at the return of the Future movement leader
  • Appointment shows calls for radical change in governance have gone unheard
By Arab News ·

Israel warplanes strike Gaza following rocket fire

  • Fighter jets and other aircraft struck a “weapons manufacturing site and underground infrastructures”
  • Hamas reported no casualties from the Israeli strikes on the Nuseirat refugee camp and the southern city of Khan Yunis
By AFP ·

Yemeni prisoners say they were tortured by their Houthis captors

  • The men said they were subjected to physical and psychological torture from the first moment they were in jail
  • The torture included receiving electric shocks, beatings, sleep deprivation, starvation and mock executions
By Arab News ·


Coalition destroy Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia

  • The drone was targeting civilian areas in the south of the Kingdom
  • Saudi Arabia last week denounced the Houthi militia’s continued launch of drones targeting civilians in the Kingdom
By Arab News ·

UN says Libyan sides sign countrywide cease-fire deal

  • Libya is split between a UN-supported government in the capital, Tripoli, and rival authorities based in the east
  • Libya’s prized light crude has long featured in the country’s civil war, with rival militias and foreign powers jostling for control of Africa’s largest oil reserves
By AP ·


US presidential debate: Biden warns Iran will ‘pay price’ for election interference

  • Trump and Biden go toe-to-toe on foreign policy, COVID-19 and race
  • Final debate paints two stark pictures of America’s future
By Ephrem Kossaify ·

Goldman Sachs hit with record $350m fine for 1MDB failings

  • Hong Kong watchdog accuses investment bank of ‘serious lapses and deficiencies’ over $2.6bn wealth fund scandal
By Reuters ·


Arab News panel of experts see Trump-Biden debate as partisan tie

  • Conservative and liberal commentators praise calmer, more substantive debate
  • Biden hit by accusations over son while Trump suffered on COVID-19 handling, panelists say

Brand New Galaxy opens Middle East office

By Zaira Lakhpatwala ·