Angry Lebanese set up mock gallows amid calls for ‘revenge’ over blast

  • MPs resign in protest as political fallout intensifies
  • As the dust settles from the disaster, the political fallout is intensifying

Lebanon prime minister Diab to call for early polls after deadly Beirut blast

  • He spoke as security forces scuffled with anti-government demonstrators
By AFP ·


A travel-experience company has Saudi Arabia’s nature and culture in its sights

  • The Traveling Panther aims to bring the Kingdom’s natural wonders and cultural heritage alive through local narratives
  • The initial focus of the five female Saudi founders is on the Kingdom’s Eastern Province, Asir and the coast of Tabuk
By Caline Malek ·

Saudi artist reimagines Jeddah through ’80s pop art

  • Zaina Hassan feels that love and belonging we feel toward the coastal city are very real and deserve to be illuminated


Yemen’s attorney general orders probe into Aden ammonium nitrate reports

  • On Friday, Yemeni lawmakers joined voices that demanded an immediate investigation into allegations of stranded containers of ammonium nitrate
By Saeed Al-Batati ·


Philippines to charter flight to bring home citizens from Lebanon

  • Remains of four who died in Tuesday’s massive blast in Beirut also to be repatriated
By Ellie Aben ·

Huawei: Smartphone chips running out under US sanctions

  • Huawei is at the center of US-Chinese tension over technology and security
  • Washington cut off Huawei’s access to US components and technology last year
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Guardiola’s faith in Jesus bodes well for major clash

  • Brazilian player says he uses his compatriot Ronaldo as a benchmark
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Lebanese news agency boycotts politicians’ press conferences, including Hezbollah’s Nasrallah

  • The Lebanese news agency LBCI has said it will no longer provide coverage of any politician’s press conference, including Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah
  • “Let your accomplishments speak for you and don’t distract people with storytelling,” an LBCI presenter said