Saudi Arabia makes hard-hitting call for full OPEC+ compliance on cuts

  • Energy minister Prince Abdul Aziz warns: ‘compliance is not an act of charity’
  • Only six of the OPEC+ members had stuck to agreed production levels to stabilize market
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France intervenes to stop Hezbollah and Amal Movement from thwarting government formation

  • Hezbollah’s position coincided with the US Treasury’s announcement of a “second package of sanctions against Lebanese officials.”

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Lebanon’s Maronite patriarch calls for all parties to adopt ‘active neutrality’

  • Says Lebanon has historically been neutral until 1975 when the Cairo Agreement allowed the Palestinians to carry out military operations against Israel
  • Disagrees with Hezbollah’s claim that neutrality would encourage Israeli aggression, or mean that Lebanon could not defend itself
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Saudi tour guide’s labor of love showcasing Saudi Arabia's wonders to world

  • Khaled Al-Took still learning after 2 decades at center of Saudi Arabia’s tourism development journey
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No Middle East peace without solving ‘Palestinian problem,’ says Russia

  • Kremlin observes ‘progress’ in the normalization of ties in the region
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US Embassy in Kabul warns of extremist attacks against women

  • The “Taliban don’t have any plans to carry out any such attacks,” spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said
  • Peace negotiations underway in Qatar, where the Taliban maintain a political office, are in the initial stages
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Modi’s new parliament plan faces criticism

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Bayern Munich, as always, the team to beat in Bundesliga

  • Bayern’s main challengers are Leipzig; they open title defense Friday at home against Schalke
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Netflix exec on the 5-year partnership with Saudi animation studio Myrkott

  • The partnership brings Saudi talent to the forefront of creative storytelling and showcases Myrkott’s present and future titles to Netflix
  • The announcement is the latest in Netflix’s investment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
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Reporter sues BBC, claiming she was bullied into Syria warzone

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