Knifeman kills three in suspected terror attack at French church in Nice

  • Two victims died at the Basilica of Notre-Dame while a third person died of injuries
  • Macron called for churches around the country to be given added security
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Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

  • A satellite image Monday shows the site cleared away with what appears to be construction equipment there
  • Analysts from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies say they believe the site is undergoing excavation
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Lebanon sets out its claim in maritime border talks

  • A military source told Arab News: “The Lebanese side considers that Israel, through the border line it drew for itself, is eating into huge areas of Lebanese economic waters.”


Saudi Arabia condemns Nice church attack

  • The foreign ministry stressed the importance of rejecting practices that breed hatred, violence and extremism
  • The Muslim World League (MWL) also condemned the attack and described it as a “terrorist crime”
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Virus sets Iran record again - this time infections

  • The latest figure of 8,293 cases of infection in a 24-hour period far exceeds the previous highest number registered
  • The virus has also claimed another 399 lives in the Middle East's worst-hit country
By Reuters ·

UK Labour suspends ex-leader Corbyn after anti-Semitism failings exposed

  • Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure was marred by persistent complaints of anti-Semitism in the party and criticism of the leader’s response
  • Labour whip removed from Corbyn, meaning that the former leader will no longer be able to take part in House of Commons votes as a Labour lawmaker
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Demand issues ‘to overshadow OPEC+ supply next year’

  • Libya's rising production adding to pressure on oil markets
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Racing in the streets: Jeddah to host first Saudi F1 Grand Prix

  • Kingdom’s inaugural race to take place in city while purpose-built track at Qiddiyah is being completed

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank awards media duties to Carat

  • Carat’s approach will both complement our in-house digital marketing
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