Joint Arab force soon to combat terrorism

Updated 12 April 2016

Joint Arab force soon to combat terrorism

CAIRO: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman called for “unity” and “joint alliance” during his historic speech at Egypt’s Parliament on Sunday where he became the first Arab leader to deliver such an address in Cairo.

“To remedy issues of our nations, with the Palestinian cause at the forefront, we are required to be united in one stance, one word,” he said, adding: “The Saudi-Egyptian cooperation we are witnessing today is a blessed beginning for our Arab and Muslim world to achieve balance after years of destabilization.”
King Salman’s address was received with roaring applause and a standing ovation.
Some MPs waved the Kingdom’s green flag, while others chanted “all of Egypt greets you.”
Joint efforts by Saudi Arabia and Egypt will “hasten the elimination of terrorism,” he said. 
“Experiences have shown that work amid joint alliance makes us much stronger.”
In his six-minute address, King Salman also said that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have agreed to build a bridge linking the nations across the Red Sea and to work together to create a pan-Arab defense force.
“We are working together to launch an Arab joint force,” he said, adding that “terrorism” and “radicalism” must be fought financially, militarily and ideologically.
The king also reiterated and hailed the deals inked between Saudi Arabia and Egypt after the two agreed to set up a $16 billion investment fund Saturday and settled a maritime dispute.
He said the planned bridge over the Red Sea will not only “connect Asia and Africa” but it will be a “gate to Africa,” boosting exports of the two countries and creating job opportunities for people in the region.
He also said the planned free trade zone in northern Sinai Peninsula will also boost the region economically.
“Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Egypt have a historic opportunity to achieve huge economic leaps by cooperating with each other,” he said.
Saudi Arabia has been a traditional source of economic and political support to Egypt.
Before his address, Egypt’s Parliament Speaker Ali Abdul Al-Aal said “this is the first time a Saudi king talks with Egypt’s people from this (Parliament) dome.”
He said: “Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the backbone of Arab and Islamic nations. The cooperation between the two countries is the only way to abort the schemes of enemies and to accelerate the end of terrorism.”

Saudi Arabia tells UN: We are promoting sustainable methods in housing

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Saudi Arabia tells UN: We are promoting sustainable methods in housing

  • Saudi Green Building Forum attended conference at UN headquarters
  • SGBF demonstrated its commitment to affordable housing through environmentally sustainable practices

JEDDAH: The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) has shown that its mission aligns with the UN Commission for Social Development. 

A SGBF delegation attended the 58th session of the commission at UN headquarters in New York City on Wednesday.

The SGBF demonstrated its commitment to affordable housing through environmentally sustainable practices.

“The SGBF supports the integration of affordable housing within urban developments, architectural design and use of materials that support occupants’ wellbeing, and minimizing construction waste through efficient methods,” said Faisal Al-Fadl, SGBF chair representative to the UN.

Al-Fadl told Arab News: “Saudi Arabia is addressing key messages on clean energy and is focusing on a low-carbon, resource-efficient, inclusive circular economy and building systems addressing these core issues.

“The Kingdom is complying with the principle of sustainability and is helping to advance the resilience of our cities.”

The UN Commission for Social Development’s role is to monitor national and global socioeconomic trends, identify emerging issues and assess their implications for social policy at the national and international levels.

The session reviewed some of the social challenges of implementing the 2030 Agenda, with a focus on issues relevant to the three core social development goals identified at the World Summit for Social Development. 

The goals are eradicating poverty, promoting productive employment and decent work and promoting social inclusion.

The SGBF’s mission focuses on the resilience of city development practices within affordable housing developments to minimize negative impacts on the planet and citizens.

The forum addressed the practices of green systems and sustainable development in the Arab world. It said it will continue to work with the commission to support new resolutions on social and development issues, including the first-ever text on homelessness to be approved by a UN intergovernmental body.