Saudi, S. Korean experts join hands to fight MERS

Updated 16 June 2015

Saudi, S. Korean experts join hands to fight MERS

RIYADH: Health experts from Saudi Arabia and their South Korean counterparts have joined hands to combat the dreaded MERS outbreak in the Far East Asian country, where 16 people have succumbed to the contagion so far.

Five new cases were reported by the Korean Health Ministry on Monday, taking the total to 150, the largest outbreak outside of Saudi Arabia.
Jungho Lee, a senior diplomat and spokesman at the embassy of the Republic of Korea in Riyadh, told Arab News on Monday that Saudi health experts were in Seoul and were working in close coordination with local health workers to fight the disease.
“Having a sophisticated health system, Korea exports medical technologies to the Kingdom and helps in various health care projects. Now, as Saudi Arabia has accumulated solid experience and knowledge in dealing with MERS since its outbreak in June 2012, it is but natural for the Kingdom and the Republic of South Korea to strengthen collaboration in this field,” he said.
Earlier, Health Minister Khalid Al-Falih had offered help to his South Korean counterpart, Moon Hyung-pyo, in the form of Saudi health experts with experience in tackling MERS cases.
The MERS outbreak in South Korea has sparked off international concern and stalled the nation’s economy. According to the Korean ministry of finance, it has resulted in over 100,000 canceled tourist visits.
Jungho said that the Saudi Health Ministry delegation reached Seoul on June 11 and on June 12. “Experts from both the countries held a joint workshop to discuss the outbreak in Korea and the Kingdom, which has recorded the highest number of MERS cases, crossing 1,000 confirmed infections and 454 deaths till Monday.
The first MERS case was reported in South Korea on May 20, when a businessman, who had returned from a tour to the Gulf countries including the Kingdom, testing positive.
Meanwhile, a Korean citizen was hospitalized in Slovakia after being suspected of carrying the MERS virus.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the MERS outbreak in South Korea, which it described as “large and complex.”

Baby Talk: Distraction tips for busy moms with toddlers

Distraction is a great technique for busy moms with toddlers. (Shutterstock)
Updated 21 min 9 sec ago

Baby Talk: Distraction tips for busy moms with toddlers

DUBAI: Distraction is a great technique for busy moms with toddlers. Little children are often cranky and get bored easily. This becomes a problem in situations where moms are trying to get things done!

It can also be a good way of keeping children away from dangerous objects and activities. So it’s a great option for managing your child’s behavior in many situations.

Distraction using a favorite toy

We’ve all been there is a shop when suddenly your child sees something they want and will not take no for an answer. It is wise to keep a favorite toy or Teddy bear in your hand bag and bring it out at this point.

Hold the toy up and talk to it.

If you are theatrical and look as if you are listening to the toy, your child may well suddenly get interested. You can now pretend discus your child’s behavior with the toy and listen to Teddy’s answer.

As soon as you sense boredom or a tantrum coming, play their favorite game. (Shutterstock)

Distract by changing the scene

Most parents can see trouble coming. Your child has been an angel all morning but they are starting to show signs of boredom. In this case it may well be time for a trip out. Getting coats and shoes on, and taking a walk to the park or shops may all you need to do, to avoid a tantrum.

Play a game to distract your toddler

Children of all ages love games. As soon as you sense boredom or a tantrum coming, play their favorite game. This could be as simple as hide and seek; with you hiding behind a chair or getting them to hide under the blankets. The trick is to engage their minds with something they understand and gives them attention in a new way.

Learning as a distraction

Learning is a something that children are programmed to do. Even if they never went to school or had any lessons at all your child would learn. Use this inner mechanism to engage your children. Play counting games, get them to repeat nursery rhymes or say a new word. Learning is a natural process and can often turn a potential tantrum into a positive experience.