World hatred center

World hatred center
Updated 10 July 2015

World hatred center

World hatred center

I was recently in Boston to attend a conference. Since it was my first visit, I took it as an opportunity to visit several places including the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, which is located in New York at a place where once the World Trade Center stood.

At the entrance of the museum, I saw to my surprise a large panel, reading: ‘Islamist Terrorists have attacked’ which followed the details of the sad events that took place at WTC on Sept. 11.

This was quite shocking and unfair. It misguides the visitors about Islam and which smacks, at the outset, of Islamophobia.It may not be the idea of Americans, but those who harbor ill intentions against Islam.

No religion supports terror and those who indulge in such activities have certainly no faith. When there are no ‘Christians terrorists’ and no ‘terrorists’ tagged to any other religion — despite prevalence of terror activities in almost every community — then why ‘Islamist Terrorists’ and why the faith of nearly 1.6 billion Muslims of the world be blamed?

Islam believes in peace and strongly protests against any act of terror as also those who harbor them. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been an ideal example for the whole world as the best human being who believed in peace and preached peace.

It hurts Muslims all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of people visit the museum every day and they are treated with such a dose of hatred that it is in itself an act of terror as it encourages radicalization of the society.

It’s a well-planned but filthy conspiracy to defame Islam by a group of anti-Islam forces. In my opinion they are the real culprits and real terrorists to disturb the peace of the world.

I strongly protest against it and request the US president and the New York governor to kindly look into it and arrange to withdraw the word “Islamist.”

I do believe Americans, their government and the law of the country extend full respect to Islam, which is manifest in the peaceful living of no less than 7 million Muslims and the presence of 1,200 mosques there that symbolizes the ideal principles that the US stands for. — M. Aleemuddin Farooqui, Hyderabad, India