3 get jail, lashes for running a brothel

Updated 18 May 2016

3 get jail, lashes for running a brothel

JEDDAH: The Jeddah Criminal Court has found two Arab men and a woman guilty of being involved in running a brothel in the south of the city, a local publication reported Tuesday.
The court found that the ring leader, aided by the second man, had forced the woman to become a prostitute. He had threatened to hurt her if she did not comply with his demands, the report stated.
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) reported that they had been informed of the illegal activities at a house in south Jeddah by people living in the area. Residents had seen men visiting the house late at night.
The court jailed the ring leader to 4 years, 200 lashes and a fine of SR20,000. The second man was sentenced to one year, a fine of SR10,000, and 90 lashes over 10-day intervals. The woman got two years and six months in prison, and 90 lashes over four separate periods.
Lawyer Saleh Al-Ghamdi said that those found guilty of exploiting others for material gain be jailed for 15 years, fined SR1 million and have all the proceeds of their crime confiscated.

Saudi assistant defense minister dies aged 68

Updated 6 min 47 sec ago

Saudi assistant defense minister dies aged 68

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s assistant minister of defense, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Ayesh, died on Friday, aged 68.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense said he had been suffering from an illness.

Al-Ayesh had been appointed to the position in May 2014 having previously been commander-in-chief of the Royal Saudi Air Forces (RSAF) between 2010 and 2013.

Born in 1952 and from Jouf, he joined the RSAF in 1970 and graduated from King Faisal Air Academy as a pilot in 1972, becoming a pilot officer on F-15 fighter jets in the same year.

In 1974, he was appointed pilot officer in the 13th Squadron on Lightning interceptor aircraft and in 1982 maintained the title in the same squadron flying F-15s. Al-Ayesh attended an instructor pilot and weapons instructor course on Lightning aircraft in the UK in 1978.

He also served as the director of the RSAF Command’s plans and operations department, the commander of King Khalid Air Base, chief of RSAF operations, and deputy commander of the RSAF.

During his career, Al-Ayesh received several military medals including the King Abdul Aziz Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal, the Legion of Merit from France, the First-Class Military Medal for Respect, and a Bronze Star from the US.