Arab world to celebrate Mother’s Day

Updated 16 March 2013

Arab world to celebrate Mother’s Day

The Arab world is getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day on March 21. This is a special day when mothers in the Gulf, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Libya and Sudan are cherished and showered with love and gifts.
It's a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the magnificent role they've played in raising their children. It's also a chance for children to seek reconciliation and repair any relationship problems with their mothers.
Dubai as a city of families with a population that increased by 5 percent over the past year to 2.1 million people. It has a lot to offer for Mother's Day celebrations including flower boutiques and chocolates shops.
Even prestigious department stores such as Harvey Nichols are offering customized Mother's Day activities.
For example, Harvey Nichols is planning a fun art and photo in-store activity for young mothers to enjoy with their children. Bloomingdale's department store is offering cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery specially designed for Mother's Day.
For more mature and self-indulgent mothers, the award-winning spa of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Ahasees, is offering special pampering packages.
Leenu Bablani, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager at Grand Hyatt Dubai, said:" Ahasees is an award-winning spa that has been recognized as the Best Hotel Spa at the Middle East Spa Awards. It also won the Best Signature Body Treatment Award."
"Ahasees Spa is very guest-centric, we enable our guests to experience the purest sensation of beauty, power and quiet.
We actively promote our Mother's Day offers to our in-house guests and the public via editorials and features on television programs such as Out and About on Dubai One.
As a result, we have received a positive response so far with a number of bookings and inquiries."

Finnish Santa Claus spreads message of sustainability in run-up to Expo 2020

Updated 04 December 2019

Finnish Santa Claus spreads message of sustainability in run-up to Expo 2020

DUBAI: Expo 2020, being billed as the world’s greatest show, will feature sustainability as one of the integral pillars when the six-month event opens in October next year.

And Finland’s real-life Santa Claus is spreading the message of sustainability and the importance of adapting a circular economy to combat climate crisis, one of the most pressing issues the global community is now facing.

During a recent visit at Arbor School, the UAE’s only ecological school, Santa Claus delivered an open letter challenging those in power to listen to their youth and include them in the conversation surrounding sustainability and environmental issues.

Santa Claus also hoped that his message in the letter would start a wider dialogue about the environment, what we can all do to help heal the planet by adopting a circular economy, which Finland has adopted as a national policy.

During the 2018/2019 school year, over 70,000 children and young people from primary school to university age studied the circular economy as part of Finland’s national curriculum.

“The decline of biodiversity and subsequent challenges made to traditional societies and economic strategies are driving countries to make drastic changes and develop sustainable solutions to guarantee the future our youth deserve. We believe education is the foundation of any significant change,” Marianne Nissilä, Finland’s ambassador to the UAE, said.

“With professions of the future becoming more and more diverse, it is vital we prepare our younger generations by giving them access to the knowledge, understanding and the appetite essential to effect positive change.”

Finland’s pavilion in the Expo 2020 will be centered on its main theme ‘Sharing Future Happiness’ wherein over 100 Finnish companies would showcase globally-leading clean technologies, a circular economy with sustainable use of resources, sustainable energy and digital solutions among others.