These days I find youths drawn more toward latest gadgets than books. Be it Saudis or youngsters belonging to other nationalities, everybody is seen busy flaunting their latest mobile phones and discussing social media applications. I am not at all against the use of these gadgets but the importance of books cannot be ignored. Books enrich one’s mind and expand one’s world view. With the advancement in technology, the culture of book reading is on the decline.

We must do something to inculcate reading habits among youths. We must make them realize the importance of reading. These gadgets should be treated as part of life not as a way of life. I am sure many youngsters must be making good use of this technology but the majority is just seen busy chatting and connecting with others. The government in partnership with the private sector must introduce the concept of public libraries in each and every district in all cities across the Kingdom. This is an important proposal and should be taken very seriously. Schools could play an important part in this regard. Apart from promoting extracurricular activities and sporting events, they should encourage their students to read books. Teachers should assign books to their students and ask them to discuss various aspects of the books. This will help them explore new horizons and will also activate their grey matter. They should be taught ways to discuss an issue that will help them hone their communication skills as well. — Vinod Mehra, Dammam

Sat, 2013-11-30 01:45
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