The lemon detox diet: A quick weight loss plan

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Updated 23 April 2014

The lemon detox diet: A quick weight loss plan

The lemon detox has been around for more than half a century but renewed interest has been generated in the diet program after the internationally celebrated American singer, song writer and actress Beyonce announced her secret of going on a lemon detox diet where she lost 10 kilos for the movie Dreamgirl. This kind of diet is known as the Master cleanser and many say it is very effective in breaking down toxins that have built up in the body.
The Lemon Detox diet first became famous when Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the diet and author of “The Master Cleanse” recommended it for the healing of stomach ulcers.
In his book he talked about how he first came to test this diet on a patient who suffered from stomach sores for three years. Left with no other recourse, the patient approached Stanley who recommended that he undertake the cleanse diet. After eleven days, the patient was totally healed leaving doctors amazed. Many other cases followed and the results were consistent curing the patients within ten days. Of particular note also was that those undergoing the Master Cleanse also experienced a reduction in weight.
The diet plan is very strict and involves drinking a lemon juice mixture and not eating any food for up to two weeks and sometimes more. The person on the lemon detox diet is only allowed to consume the Master Cleanse elixir to keep hydrated; this comprises six or more servings of lemonade everyday.
There is another option added to the lemonade, which is a Salt Water Flush of two teaspoons salt mixed in 200 g of water in the morning and warm herbal tea at night.
The diet offers enough nutrients to keep one energized and to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. If you are looking to lose anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds in just two short weeks with a Detox that has been around for years and you want to jump start your metabolism, the Lemon Detox Diet will get your body off to a great start.
Dietitian Sara Abduljawad said she tried the diet herself and it worked like a miracle but she suggests that women eat healthy along with the diet. “All you need is to take half a glass of very cold water and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon leaving the pulp and seeds out. You should add two tablespoons of pure Maple Syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper or ground ginger to that and stir it well,” she said. “Then you should fill up the other half of the glass with cold water, stir and enjoy,” she added.
Abduljawad said there is no scientific evidence that one might need to go on any kind of detox diet and she did it only to test it herself. “If you want to cleanse your body you should eat healthy, quit smoking and trust your liver to do its job,” she said. “This diet is unbalanced and is very dangerous for your body because it can rob your intestines of healthy bacteria that aid digestion and boost immunity,” she added.
The dietitian says this kind of diet can induce rapid weight loss which may result in losing lean muscle. “We sometimes don’t understand why people and especially women cannot follow a healthy meal plan and instead choose to go on an all liquid diet,” said Abduljawad. “The lemon diet lacks essential nutrients such as calories, protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fat. This is why I don’t recommend it because every diet should either contain the essential nutrients or the person should take supplements,” she added.
Fitness expert and personal trainer Salah Mansour said fasting and detoxing is risky. In the long term one should eat fewer carbs, less sugar, fat and hit the gym everyday.
“Lean muscle and fluids and not belly fat are the first to go in starvation diets. Usually when one starves their body they end up bingeing on unhealthy foods high in sugar and fat,” he said. “Any diet should contain protein because your body will have to get protein from other sources which will lead it to burn your own muscle mass leaving your body with high fat and low muscle,” he added.
Manour said if women want to lose weight fast for a special occasion they should exercise more and go on a low-calorie balanced diet because quick weight loss doesn’t last and in many cases the lost weight returns with added kilos.

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Gucci Beauty’s newest face is a teen with Down syndrome

Updated 04 July 2020

Gucci Beauty’s newest face is a teen with Down syndrome

DUBAI: Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model with Down syndrome, is the star of the new Gucci Beauty campaign for the brand’s L’Obscur mascara, shot by London-based photographer David PD Hyde. The series of images have proved to be the brand’s most exclusive yet with its newest face representing a group that has long been underrepresented in the industry.

Goldstein, who became a model for the Italian fashion house’s color cosmetics range, was scouted through a social media program launched by Gucci Beauty in partnership with Vogue Italia.

“I designed L’Obscur mascara for an authentic person who uses make-up to tell their story of freedom, in their way,” said Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. 

“We called it L’Obscur because this word balances charm and mystery,” he added.

Goldstein, who hails from Essex, is managed by the Zebedee Management, a talent agency “created to increase the representation of people who have until now been excluded in the media.”

The photo, posted to Instagram, currently has more than 800,000 likes.

"I love this. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous day shooting," Goldstein commented.