Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners

Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners
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Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners
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Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners
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Updated 06 May 2014

Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners

Apps to learn Arabic for foreigners

Learning a new language when moving to another country or region is always a difficult task. Many opt to learning the dialect, or the most common phrases used merely to get by. Even if you’re taking it formal lessons, it is recommended to build up your vocabulary to manage until you properly learn your alphabets and grammar.
In this article, we will recommend mobile apps that can help you with your every day life in an Arab country.

Learn Arabic – AccelaStudy
From the award winning language education software AccelaStudy, this app is for English speakers who wish to learn more Arabic vocabs.
• Study: 160 Arabic words by viewing them along with their English meaning and listening to how they are pronounced. You can also view English words and then click to view the Arabic word for it under “Spaced repetition”.
Another option for learning is to play your 160 flashcards to learn your new Arabic vocabs.
If you’re hands are busy, choose the “Handsfree” option and an audio slideshow displaying English-Arabic pairs will play for you.
• Test: quiz yourself by choosing the right Arabic meaning of a written English word or listen to the English then choose the Arabic counterpart.

Arabic Pocket Lingo
This app should become your best friend as an expat trying to dissect the local dialect. While all the phrases and words are formal and therefore not exactly used on the street, everyone will understand you.
• General conversations: learn common Arabic phrases used when meeting someone for the first time or for daily greetings. You will also find a list of questions and comments you have to know such as “I’m sorry” and “May I use your phone?”
• Numbers & colors: learn the Arabic numbers, fractions and order
• Time & weather: What day is today? What is this month? What date is it today? Learn these and more with this feature.

Other learning sets are: accommodation, food and drinks, money and shopping, transport, directions, places and attractions, relationships, emergency and health and sports and activities.

Basic Arabic
This great app from iLang is your docking station for studying Arabic vocab. Study the names, test your memory, listen, spell and quiz yourself for evaluation.
Name categories provided are:
Animals, Building, car, city, clothing, color, educating, entertainment, family, feelings, food, countries, greeting, health, house, body, materials, measures, shopping, directions, nature, numbers, people, people, sports, tools, weather and finally work.
Every category set has tens of new vocabs for you to learn and master using the various tools available.

Have you ever used any of these apps before? What is your favorite Arabic learning app?