Terror sympathizers will lose scholarships, warns envoy

Updated 16 July 2014

Terror sympathizers will lose scholarships, warns envoy

Saudi scholarship students found guilty of sympathizing or liaising with terror groups will be sent back to the Kingdom and their scholarships canceled, said sources at the Ministry of Higher Education.
The statement follows the interception of several terror-related calls targeting Saudi students abroad.
Awareness campaigns are under way among youth studying abroad as part of efforts to wean them away from misleading ideology, said various Saudi ambassadors.
This type of ideology has transcended geographical boundaries, potentially targeting more than 150,000 students on scholarship abroad in more than 30 countries, they said.
The ministry had previously warned that the scholarships of students who travel to conflict zones would be canceled.
The ministry also obliged students wishing to study abroad to sign pledges stating that they would not travel to countries where war prevails.
These pledges were reinforced in line with a royal decree issued in February promising severe penal action against Saudi nationals who are found guilty of participating in foreign conflicts.
A source from the ministry confirmed the existence of terrorists who try and convince students to leave their studies and join their groups.
Saudi cultural attachés in numerous countries have also urged students not to respond to such calls.
Sami Al-Saleh, Saudi ambassador in Jordan, said his embassy was closely liaising with the 4,200 Saudi students in Jordan, warning them against sympathizing with terrorist groups.
Abdulaziz Al-Fayiz, Saudi ambassador to Kuwait, said that there have been no scholarship cancelations in the neighboring Gulf country so far.
The Saudi ambassador in Bahrain concurred with the Jordanian and Kuwaiti ambassadors.

Saudi health minister promises to procure tested vaccine

Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah. (AP)
Updated 20 October 2020

Saudi health minister promises to procure tested vaccine

  • COVID-19 cases continue to decline in Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH: Saudi Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah on Monday said the Kingdom will procure vaccine for the novel coronavirus once it is confirmed to be safe and effective.

He said research on the vaccine is underway in a number of countries and the Saudi health authorities are following the developments.
The number of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases continues to decline in the Kingdom with the recovery rate from the illness rising to 96 percent. The minister attributed the decline on the “commitment to health precautions.”
“I also thank my fellow health practitioners for their wonderful efforts,” Al-Rabiah said.
Commenting on the second and stronger wave of COVID-19 in some countries, he said it was due to a lack of “commitment to social distancing” and failure to wear masks and taking other precautions.
He ruled out any leniency on part of the government in its fight against the virus. The minister said it is necessary to abide by precautionary measures to keep the virus at bay.


• Saudi Arabia recorded 381 new infections on Monday.

• With 16 new fatalities, the virus-related death toll has risen to 5,201.

“We (all) are in one boat, and the failure of some affects everyone, so we must work together” to check the spread of the virus.
He also advised people who show COVID-19 symptoms to visit Tetamman (rest assured) clinics.
“Appointments can be made through the ministry’s Sehaty app, and anyone who has any questions or wants to consult a doctor can call 937,” the minister said.
Saudi Arabia recorded 381 new infections on Monday. The total number of COVID-19 cases has reached 348,583 since the beginning of the outbreak in the Kingdom.
The Health Ministry said 16 more people died due to complications caused by the virus raising the death toll to 5,201. The ministry also reported 357 new recoveries. The total number of recovered cases has now increased to 328,895.