Fans gear up to watch Shah Rukh Khan pranked in Ramadan TV show

Fans are gearing up to watch the moment Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan gets pranked on Arabic TV show ‘Ramez Underground.’ (File photo: Reuters)
Updated 29 May 2017

Fans gear up to watch Shah Rukh Khan pranked in Ramadan TV show

DUBAI: Fans are gearing up to watch the moment Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan gets pranked on Arabic TV show “Ramez Underground.”
The show, hosted by TV personality Ramez Galal, airs on MBC and sees various celebrities put through their paces in elaborate pranks.
YouTube commenters are keen to see the episode featuring Shah Rukh Khan, according to the comments underneath the promotional video.
“I swear to god, I’m going to watch the show for Shah Rukh Khan only,” one wrote.
“I’m going to die to watch the Shah Rukh Khan episode,” another said.
“I’d do anything for Shah Rukh Khan. He didn’t yell or get scared, even his sunglasses didn’t fall off. Manliness, manliness,” another said.
In the video montage, the Bollywood star can be seen dragging Ramez by his feet in a move that is not unusual on the show — the presenter is often physically assaulted by his victims after the big reveal.

The TV show is famous for its sometimes cruel pranks, which are usually played on Arab singers, actors and sportspeople.
The latest episode saw victims tricked into thinking they are on the way to an interview with popular host Neshan. Afterwards, they are taken into Abu Dhabi’s desert for a safari but quickly sink into quicksand, leading to panic.
The show is a mainstay in Ramadan and is broadcast every year with a different theme.
Last year, Ramez Galal took various celebrities — including US reality star Paris Hilton — on a turbulent helicopter ride, fooling them into thinking they were about to crash.
Twitter users took to the platform to share their excitement about the show.
“How can people hate on Ramez I mean the only thing I like to watch in Ramadan is his show,” one user said.
“So, this Ramadan all Arab fans are (going to) be waiting impatiently for that episode,” another user said of the eagerly-anticipated episode with Shah Ruhk Khan.

MBC hires Marc Antoine d’Halluin as new CEO

Updated 10 December 2019

MBC hires Marc Antoine d’Halluin as new CEO

  • Appointment comes as Saudi-owned broadcaster launches video-on-demand “Shahid” platform

LONDON: Saudi-owned broadcaster MBC has hired Marc Antoine d’Halluin as its new CEO following the departure of veteran broadcaster Sam Barnett.

MBC founder Waleed Al-Ibrahim said his new CEO would drive forward the company’s five-year growth plan announced last year and which has a heavy emphasis on developing video on demand (VOD) content.

D’Halluin started his career at Sony Pictures Entertainment and prior to joining MBC Group was the chairman of the Luxembourg-based M7 Group, which operates satellite pay TV in Holland, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. M7 Group was recently sold to Vivendi’s Canal+ Group.

Regional broadcasters including MBC are facing increasing competition from new arrivals to the region in the rapidly growing video on demand sector, dominated by Netflix and Amazon.

In response, MBC Group is ramping up investment in its own Arabic-language VOD platform while also targeting the Arab-speaking diaspora.


MBC was the first private free-to-air Arab satellite TV channel.

Subscription video on demand is expected to more than double in the Middle East and North Africa between 2018 and 2024, according to Digital TV Research. 

Last month, MBC’s VOD platform, known as “Shahid” announced the launch of its first-ever original production. Titled “ElDiva,” the drama series stars Cyrine Abdel Nour in the lead role, alongside actor Yacob Alfarhan, and the Egyptian folk singer and actress, Bosy. 

“MBC was the first major media company in the region to launch a VOD platform,” said Shahid managing director Johannes Larcher at the time of the launch

“Nearly all the international giants of entertainment have turned or are turning their attention to this type of ‘digital first’ content.”

MBC Group originally launched in London in 1991 as the first private free-to-air Arab satellite TV channel and moved to Dubai in 2002. Today it includes a number of leading channels that include the 24-hour Arabic news channel Al Arabiya.