World’s first ‘AI-based’ online learning programs announced

Updated 28 July 2017

World’s first ‘AI-based’ online learning programs announced

VFS Edu Support Services Pvt. Ltd., the education services arm of VFS Global, has announced a partnership with UK-based Edtech Oxademy Technologies and its subsidiary Oxademy Business School to form a new global digital learning platform “VFS-Oxademy.”
VFS-Oxademy will offer a first-of-its-kind knowledge-driven artificial intelligence (AI) cloud infrastructure called OX360, which identifies each learner’s strengths and weaknesses and generates learning paths based on individual learner’s behavior, personalizing the learning to each individual student.
The new platform is designed to be a response to the limitations of purely online courses, which have suffered from high drop-out rates, due in many cases to the lack of a personalized learning element and the monotony of rote learning.
VFS-Oxademy will provide internationally-accredited post-graduate and executive education programs in full online and “blended” modes — combining online with classroom learning — for students and professionals from across the globe.
OX360 will allow MBA students to undertake a “virtual work placement” with a blue chip organization as part of the final stage of their studies.
This allows students in the Middle East or India to work with a company in the UK via virtual technologies.
Another benefit to students is the lower cost of obtaining an accredited qualification through VFS-Oxademy. For example, the cost of an MBA course under OX360 will be less than one-third of the usual cost.
Syed Shahzad, founder and CEO, Oxademy, said: “We are bringing learning to people instead of people to learning and it is done by embracing the latest technologies available in digital human interaction and by using a huge amount of data. We have developed an innovative platform and programs that enhance the learning at large scale. VFS-Oxademy partnership is leading the way and pushing the boundaries by incorporating features that make use of artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics to evolve the education sector.”
Bernard Martyris, chief of human resources, VFS Global, said: “A high quality education, especially for advanced professional degrees, carries lifelong benefits. A unique feature of the VFS-Oxademy programs is that they can be customised to individual needs of students, irrespective of location or background. We are delighted to partner with Oxademy to offer digital learning programs that make higher education more accessible to students, in a format that offers them all the advantages of getting an international degree from anywhere in the world.

Sayidaty’s virtual National Day event garners 1m views

Updated 28 September 2020

Sayidaty’s virtual National Day event garners 1m views

A virtual celebration hosted by Sayidaty on the occasion of the 90th Saudi National Day, including a diverse lineup of Saudi artists, has successfully recorded a million views.

The event, held on Sept. 19 on Zoom, was part of a National Day campaign launched by Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines, titled “Lamatna Saudia.” Launched on July 23 and concluding on Oct. 23, the campaign aims to highlight the achievements of Saudi Arabia and its people.

The online celebration, which lasted for more than an hour, began with the Saudi national anthem, which was presented by pianist Iman Qasti, who has represented Saudi Arabia at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Randa Al-Hamad, presenter of the Sayidaty program on Rotana channel, introduced the participants, including plastic artist Fatima Al-Nimr, who has won several international accolades; Haneen Saleh, a rising Saudi artist who masters singing in the Korean, Hindi, French and English languages apart from Arabic; Saudi chef Lulwa Al-Azza, who presented a live cooking demonstration of a recipe of Hijazi masoub (banana bread pudding) with a modern twist; and coffee artist Iman Seraj, who made a portrait of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman using coffee and other natural materials.

Siblings Rama and Muhammad Rabat sang “Ya Biladi Wasili,” which was originally sung by the late artist Abu Bakr Salem. Poet Nour Al-Walidi entranced the viewers with a poem especially written for the National Day, while calligrapher Yasser bin Mahfouz showcased his talent by sketching two Arabic phrases.

Actress and singer Al-Anoud was the youngest participant in the event.

“Lamatna Saudia” provides an opportunity for people to express their love for and pride in the Kingdom by sharing their creative works, which could be a photo of their region, painting, poetry, video, song, or even an artifact. Both Sayidaty and Arrajol will publish the contributions in their e-magazines, on their websites and social media channels. The best contributions will receive awards and certificates of appreciation signed by the magazines’ editor in chief.