Tetra Pak celebrates 10 years of FSC certification

Today a total of 280 billion FSC-labelled packages are delivered in over 90 countries and to more than 3,000 brands.
Updated 15 August 2017

Tetra Pak celebrates 10 years of FSC certification

This year marks Tetra Pak’s 10-year anniversary of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.
“We are proud to announce a rise in the number of companies in the Greater Middle East and Africa selling products in Tetra Pak packages that carry the Forest Stewardship Council label; almost half of Tetra Pak packages used in the region carry the FSC label,” a press release said.
Niels Hougaard, managing director Tetra Pak Arabia, said: “As a major user of paperboard, we have a responsibility to ensure the world’s forests are managed in a socially just, environmentally appropriate and economically sound way. We are working toward having 100 percent of the paperboard FSC certified.”
He added: “Consumers are gradually becoming aware of environmental issues. Through the FSC label, our customers enable consumers to contribute toward protecting the environment. It is worth noting that, our customer Al-Rabie was among the first to deploy FSC-labelled packages in Saudi Arabia — 40 percent of the packages sold in Arabia area are labeled FSC.
“The FSC label on our cartons is a sign that they comply with FSC requirements relating to forest management and the traceability of the wood fiber in the paperboard.”
The first Tetra Pak package to be labelled with the FSC logo was delivered in 2007. Since then, the numbers have grown exponentially, and today a total of 280 billion FSC-labelled packages are delivered in over 90 countries and to more than 3,000 brands.
“In our work to raise awareness of FSC, we support initiatives around the world that increase understanding of sustainable forestry and encourage consumers to make responsible choices,” Hougaard said.

MYNM launches virtual showroom for BMW cars

Updated 03 June 2020

MYNM launches virtual showroom for BMW cars

In line with the evolving patterns of consumer shopping and to meet the changing customer demands in the Kingdom, Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors (MYNM) Company has launched their new cutting-edge virtual showroom.

Introducing the user-friendly digital platform has been an essential step for the car dealership, which can continue to showcase the latest BMW group vehicles in these evolving times across the Kingdom.

“As the official importer of BMW Group vehicles in Saudi Arabia, MYNM strives to maintain and uphold the brands’ reputation with a focus on quality, service, and customer care,” a statement said.  

“The innovative solution guides both prospective and existing BMW clients in selecting the BMW model that is right for them.”

Accessible in English, the platform features MYNM’s full range of vehicles and specs.

The virtual showroom provides clients with the choice of adding their favorite vehicles to the “car park” and comparing models of interest while they shop. The platform allows users to filter collections by series, model, price, mileage and year. 

For the conservative spender, MYNM offers a selection of pre-owned vehicles from the BMW Premium Selection category. Buyers can feel confident in choosing one of these vehicles due to the extensive checks each car receives and enjoy a variety of perks, including a wide range of warranties, low mileage and mobility services. 

Each BMW Premium Selection vehicle endures a complete 360° Vehicle Check before the cars are available to buyers. They meet the highest standards in terms of optical and technical details. Furthermore, the interior or exterior of every BMW Premium Selection vehicle must 100 percent comply with BMW’s product standards.

Mark Notkin, managing director at MYNM, said: “The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and the way people communicate with the industry is steadily changing as well. We believe that the launch of our virtual showroom is a step in the right direction.

“Through our virtual showroom, visitors can explore our vast collection of new and used premium pre-owned BMW vehicles and receive instant feedback regarding model availability, financing options, and test drive scheduling.”

He added: “This technology will transform the way we service our customers and allow us to meet the needs of our busy clientele 24/7. Fully committed to upholding the brands’ reputation and providing a quality service to our loyal customers, we are honored to share this unique buyer experience with the nation.” 

This cutting-edge technology is being seen as significant in terms of the advancement of the regional automotive industry and the MYNM dealership.