Chantal and Pamela hit the road in two-wheel road trip

Chantal and Pamela hit the road in two-wheel road trip
Pamela and Chantal hit the road to to make a life-changing journey. (Photo/supplied)
Updated 06 October 2018

Chantal and Pamela hit the road in two-wheel road trip

Chantal and Pamela hit the road in two-wheel road trip

“The Open Road,” a travel show following the adventures of two Arab women on motorbikes as they ride across the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan, is to hit screens in the region on Oct. 13.

The publicity promises that this is not an ordinary travel show, hinting that as the two Arab women take to their bikes for their three-country roadtrip that “anything can happen.”

The travel documentary from the lifestyle entertainment channel FOX Life will premiere simultaneously on 11 channels across the region and will be shown at the same on Facebook and YouTube. It is the channel’s first local production and has been created especially for the Middle East.

Publicity for the show said that Chantal from the UAE and Pamela from Lebanon will confront social and cultural barriers as they make a life-changing journey that promises to create, test and deepen friendships.

For Season 1 the riders cover ground in the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan that many viewers would not have known existed. On the way they pass jaw-dropping vistas, sample authentic local cuisines and are tested by some death-defying experiences. 

Sanjay Raina, general manager of Fox Networks Groups, said: “We believe that this series heralds a new era in entertainment for the Middle East. It reinforces our vision to bring world-class entertainment that is not only locally relevant, but locally produced. 

“We bring to viewers an immersive experience that appeals to Arab youth who are hungry for exploration and adventure. For many, it will be seeing the region through fresh eyes and for others rediscovering it with a fresh perspective. The format we chose is universally appealing, yet it’s quintessentially Arab. 

“The series comes at the perfect time where Arab women are increasingly celebrated, and with this series starring two young Arab female bikers, we celebrate their spirit of exploration and adventure as well. And Season 1 is just the beginning.”

As much as the series is about travel and exploration, it is also focused on the social interactions of Chantal and Pamela with the people in each country, including the biking community and locals they meet along the way. 

“We are proud of the high entertainment and quality of ‘The Open Road’ series, which was produced locally, with a homegrown production company, Electric Films. I believe it matches international productions. With its exciting reality format starring two Arab women, strong and engaging narrative and stunning cinematography, we bring to regional viewers a new type of entertainment — with a bold, dynamic voice, expressing the modern aspirations of the region’s youth. It also carries on the timeless tradition of storytelling, which is deeply rooted in this region, and brings it to life in a thoroughly contemporary content format,” said Alex El Chami, head of production and executive producer at Fox Networks Group and National Geographic Middle East

“The Open Road” premieres Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. in the Kingdom and 8 p.m. in the UAE on Fox, Fox Life, Fox Rewayat, FOX Family, FOX Crime, FOX Movies, FX, Fox Action and National Geographic Abu Dhabi as well as on Star Movies and Star World. It will be simulcast on Facebook and YouTube.

Viewers can catch subsequent episodes weekly on Fox Life, Fox Rewayat, National Geographic Abu Dhabi and Star World.