Former Houthi air force commander killed in Yemen

In this file photo, newly recruited Houthi fighters chant slogans as they ride a military vehicle during a gathering in the capital Sanaa. (AFP)
Updated 18 January 2019

Former Houthi air force commander killed in Yemen

  • Major General Ibrahim Al-Shami ranked 19th on the Arab coalition's most wanted list
  • He was killed in “mysterious circumstances”

LONDON: A former Houthi air force commander has been killed in Sanaa after the Arab coalition launched an intelligence operation, Al Arabiya reported.

Major General Ibrahim Al-Shami, who ranked number 19 on the Arab coalition's most wanted list, was killed in “mysterious circumstances.”

Al-Shami was responsible for ballistic missile and drone attacks during his time as air force commander of the Houthi militia, and was dismissed a few months ago in a decision that was not announced. 

He was placed under house arrest under the direct orders of Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, and was ranked 19 out of 40 on an Arab coalition list of wanted terrorists. 

Al-Shami was also targeted by other Houthi leaders, Al Arabiya reported. 

Saudi Arabia, other Middle East countries warn citizens after protests erupt in Lebanon

Updated 2 min 53 sec ago

Saudi Arabia, other Middle East countries warn citizens after protests erupt in Lebanon

  • Arab embassies called on citizens to take care while in Lebanon

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Lebanon called on Saudi citizens to avoid places where protests are taking place in the country on Friday. 

The Kingdom’s embassy in Beirut advised its nationals to take care and to “stay away from places of protest,” Al-Ekhbariya news channel reported. 

Egypt’s embassy in the Lebanese capital Beirut also called on its nationals in the country to avoid protest areas, Egyptian state news agency MENA said.

“The embassy calls on all Egyptian citizens in Lebanon to avoid the areas of gatherings and protests, to be careful in their movements and to abide by the instructions of the Lebanese authorities in this regard,” MENA said.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s embassy in Lebanon asked citizens wishing to travel to Lebanon to wait because of the current protests and unrest.

“The embassy also calls on citizens currently in Lebanon to take utmost care and stay away from crowds and demonstrations,” the embassy said in its tweet.

Protesters across Lebanon blocked roads with burning tires on Friday and thousands marched in Beirut, calling on the government to resign over an economic crisis.