TheFace: Rogaia Alshuaibi, a Saudi psychologist

Rogaia Alshaibi. (AN photo by Ziyad Alarfaj)
Updated 25 January 2019

TheFace: Rogaia Alshuaibi, a Saudi psychologist

Rogaia Alshuaibi I was born and raised in Riyadh before moving to the US with my husband. We lived in Washington, DC, and I attended George Washington University, earning a degree in psychology.

Suburban life in DC was wonderful; there were lovely houses, schools, shopping centers, medical centers, all of which were deliberately planned to serve the needs of the community. 

Coming from a family of engineers and architects, and having been inspired by residential suburbs in the US, I wanted to bring the same concept back home, building communities just as they have there. 

When we returned to Saudi Arabia, therefore, I aimed to work in real estate development, though initially I entered the nonprofit sector, becoming director general of Al-Nahdha Women’s Association, the oldest, biggest female non-profit organization in the Kingdom. 

Then, in 2008, I established my company Mosaic, the first real estate development firm in Saudi Arabia run by women. Working as a broker at first, I then moved on to real estate development. I was surprised with the ease I had in winning over new developers, but ultimately I believe it was because they trusted my professionalism, and liked my ethics.

Mosaic is now one of the leading real estate development firms for luxury houses in the Kingdom. We are currently working on a state-of-the-art “smart homes” community in the north of Riyadh, and are constantly teaming up with female investors, as well as male, to create beautiful projects and realize beautiful visions by Saudi women, for Saudi women. •

Saudi Arabia records 54 coronavirus deaths, 3,383 new cases

Updated 02 July 2020

Saudi Arabia records 54 coronavirus deaths, 3,383 new cases

  • 4,909 cases have recovered from the COVID-19

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia reported 54 new coronavirus related deaths on Thursday and registered 3,383 new cases.

The Kingdom’s health ministry said that 4,909 people had recovered from the COVID-19 bringing the total number of recovery cases since the pandemic started to 137,669.

The capital Riyadh registered the highest number of cases with 397, followed by Al-Hafouf with 277, and then Makkah with 271.

A health ministry spokesman said that each area has its own health protocols and the public must adhere to these requirements.

Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Ali added that if individuals had to attend gatherings, whether for business or personal reasons, they must follow preventive measures at all times.