Life lessons from inspirational women — Alexis

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Updated 19 February 2019

Life lessons from inspirational women — Alexis

  • UAE-based singer-songwriter, Alexis just released her album “This Is Me”
  • She talks tolerance, proving yourself, and the power of words

DUBAI: The UAE-based singer-songwriter, who just released her album “This Is Me,” talks tolerance, proving yourself, and the power of words

I’m very demanding of myself, which is a contradiction, because I’m so understanding and accepting of the weaknesses of other people, but I’m not that kind to myself. But I don’t mind laughing at myself either.


I’ve been guilty, earlier in my career, of trying to force situations. Sometimes pushing is good, but allowing things to happen in their own time is also a valuable skill. It’s not necessarily about the destination; it’s the journey. And if you can allow yourself to enjoy the journey, you’ll get there eventually — perhaps in a better condition.


My father encouraged me to be an individual thinker. He’s a man who has roots in a very conservative, male-driven culture, but he was raised by a woman who wasn’t afraid to break the mold. He advised me that because of what I look like, and being a woman, I would always need to be more than just adequately prepared: “If you’re required to know two things for a job, when you walk in there you need to know four or six things.”


I know it’s probably just something parents tell their kids to help them get through difficult situations, but I think that “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you” thing is such nonsense. Words can hurt. They can cause incredible damage. It’s important for us to realize the impact of what we say, how we say it, and to whom. Words have power.


I handled my own business from the very beginning, so I found myself at 18 going into meetings with executives who were in their 40s and 50s. And of course I was a child to them. So having them look beyond the physical thing and realize that I was very serious about my work and knew what I was talking about was a challenge. It’s easy to see me as a fashion horse. It’s harder to see that I’m a worker. Get past the window dressing and I’ve got quality merchandise. But I survived life with older brothers. I think I can tackle anything at this point.


Men and women are equally capable, but in different ways. It’s a bit of a generalization, but we have to accept that different people have different methodologies.

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe denies marriage claim from ex-manager

The actress filed a lawsuit through her attorney in Egypt against Mohammad Waziri a few weeks ago. (AFP)
Updated 26 May 2020

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe denies marriage claim from ex-manager

DUBAI: Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe has caused a stir on social media after her ex-manager Mohammad Waziri filed a lawsuit in Egypt’s Family Court to prove his marriage to the star.

On Sunday, the singer took to Twitter to deny his claims saying: “After the judicial leave ends, legal measures will be taken against those who made this defamation, and we will wait for the outcome of the investigation and the results of the judicial ruling on that.”

According to ET Bilarabi, the actress filed a lawsuit through her attorney in Egypt against Waziri a few weeks ago, accusing him of withdrawing around $4 million from her account.


#محمد_وزيري يقيم دعوى قضائيه ضد #هيفاء_وهبي لإثبات زواجهما أقام الملحن محمد وزيري دعوى قضائية لإثبات زواجه من الفنانة هيفا وهبي. وأقيمت دعوى إثبات الزواج في نيابة قصر النيل يوم 16 مايو، وتحددت أولى جلساتها يوم 2 يونيو المقبل كان المستشار ياسر قنطوش وكيل الفنانة هيفا وهبي، قد قدم بلاغاً ضد مدير أعمالها السابق محمد وزيري، الذي أشيع ارتباطها به، بسبب إستيلائه على أموال من الشركات المنتجة التي تتعاقد عليها الفنانة في مصر. وأوضحت هيفاء في شكواها أن المشكو في حقه كان يعمل مدير أعمالها في مصر، ويتعاقد على الحفلات والبرامج والمسلسلات التي تخصها، وكان يتولي تسلّم القيمة المادية المتفق عليها للحفلات والمسلسلات من المنتجين والمتعهدين ويتولى إيداعها البنك في حسابها، إلا أنه استغل التوكيل المحرر له من قبل الشاكية وسحب مبالغ مالية من حسابها المودع ببنك الإمارات دبي الوطني، وأودع تلك المبلغ في الحساب الخاص به دون علم الشاكية.

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The court is expected to adjourn on June 2.