YouGotaGift launches digital rewards solution

Husain Makiya, CEO of Ltd
Updated 24 April 2019

YouGotaGift launches digital rewards solution

YouGotaGift, a digital gift card company in the Middle East, has announced the introduction of “Rewards by YouGotaGift,” an employee rewards solution for organizations of all sizes across the region. It can be used by employers wanting to reward employees for job performance, outstanding projects, safety awards, innovation or for being chosen as employee of the month. The company already provides digital solutions for individual gifting, customer rewards and loyalty redemption.

“Every employer has a different way of rewarding their employees throughout the year, whether it be to congratulate them on a job well done, or simply to show appreciation for their efforts,” said Husain Makiya, CEO of Ltd. 

“However, rewarding can turn into a management headache, during busy periods in particular, and good rewards ideas often fall by the wayside. Rewards by YouGotaGift makes the process of sourcing and delivering rewards a whole lot easier. It’s also fast and employees can redeem their eGift Cards at over 150 top retail brands across malls, fashion, electronics, entertainment, beauty, dining and much more.”

YouGotaGift provides eGift Cards for a variety of individual and business needs.

Aloka Wellness to bring world’s leading healers to Kingdom

Updated 12 July 2020

Aloka Wellness to bring world’s leading healers to Kingdom

Aloka  Wellness, which offers a digital platform for engaging with some of the world’s leading health, fitness and wellness practitioners, is exploring organizing wellness retreats in Jeddah, Al-Ula and Taif.

“The dynamic and multicultural makeup of Saudi Arabia and the Aloka  Family is aligned with global trends and sustainable development goals. With the transition to affording its citizens increased access to wellness and fitness remedies, Aloka  Wellness is primed to partner with the Saudi government through educational and civic systems and agencies to help facilitate related Vision 2030 objectives,” a statement said. 

With tourism being a key driver in the Kingdom’s strategic planning, Aloka recognizes that wellness tourism is a fast-emerging sub-sector. 

“Given the uncertainties related to COVID-19 and safety concerns for in-person gatherings, virtual retreats like the GLOW Live Retreat taking place between July 1 and 15 on Aloka’s Instagram page, provides a viable alternative, while promoting Saudi Arabia’s brand and highlighting its ongoing positive transformation,” it said.

Aloka’s founders — Asta Barry and Hélène Bégusseau — have been residing and working in Saudi Arabia and France. Working in these modern states has exposed the team to the unique opportunity to align their passion with the Saudi government’s Vision 2030 program to create an even healthier population and drive sustainable development initiatives to enhance overall quality of life in the Kingdom.

Customarily, researching and accessing a curated network of trained professionals relied on individual searches and subjective recommendations. Aloka  Wellness individually engages and partners with health professionals globally to create a family network focused on providing ethical and experience-based curated sessions and information. 

Every facet of human holistic well-being is catered to via a user-friendly website. Its services range from yoga, meditation, naturopathy, food and nutrition, health coaching, bodywork and fitness, martial arts, psychological and emotional therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other specialty practices to help attain overall work-life balance. 

With nearly 100 wellness practitioners already partnered with, Aloka said it is focused on working with only the most respected and experienced industry professionals. Their mission is to create a global network of healers to provide universal access to sustainable well-being practices.