Sultan Al-Otaibi new CEO of Dur Hospitality

Sultan bin Badr Al-Otaibi
Updated 21 May 2019

Sultan Al-Otaibi new CEO of Dur Hospitality

Sultan bin Badr Al-Otaibi has been appointed as the chief executive of Dur Hospitality, effective from July 1. He succeeds Badr bin Hamoud Al-Badr, who submitted his resignation to the board of directors in April. 

Al-Otaibi has held various managerial and operational roles at Dur in the last two decades, the most recent being vice president of property and assets.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdullah Al-Issa said: “Al-Otaibi will lead the next phase of the company’s ambitious journey toward prosperity.”

“The company is moving steadily toward further growth and is supported by Vision 2030, which gives major importance to the Kingdom’s hospitality sector through various initiatives.”

The chairman thanked outgoing CEO Al-Badr for his contributions to the company.

Thanking the board of directors, Al-Otaibi reiterated his confidence in the company and its potential to contribute to the Saudi hospitality sector. 

Al-Otaibi holds a master’s degree in hotel management from the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in association with École hôtelière de Lausanne, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from King Fahd University. He also completed several hospitality courses at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration in the US.

PISJ-ES Plays an integral role in strengthening the Pak-Saudi socio-cultural synergy

Updated 22 September 2019

PISJ-ES Plays an integral role in strengthening the Pak-Saudi socio-cultural synergy

The first dawn of Libra marks the anniversary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which establishes a deepest connotation, being one of the most gracious and enriching countries around the globe.

On the occasion of Saudi National Day, I extend my heartfelt felicitations to the custodian of the two Holy Mosques, His Excellency King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and people of the entire Kingdom.

With its unique eccentricity, Saudi Arabia emits such a compelling oomph that binds all who connect with it whether being an expat living miles away from their homeland or a visitor from any country, ethnicity or culture.

With the rich background, initiating from the beginning of the world itself, and induced by the timeless teachings of our last Prophet, Muhammad, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia establishes a great relation among all Muslims from around the world to reckon this land of peace and brotherhood as the spiritual hub of Islam.

Besides, its air of peace and harmony blows stirring religious inspiration for Muslims that connect them with their roots.

Millions of Muslims internationally are uniquely attracted to visit the blessed mosques of Makkah and Madinah as pilgrims to satiate their religious obligations.

Today is the day for all Saudis and those who dwell in this pure land to celebrate their individuality, peace and sovereignty as a nation.

However, alongside the celebrations, we must focus our sincere endeavors towards the development of this country in our exclusive capacities with hard work, dedication and respect for the law to preserve the country’s capabilities and achievements and take those to the new heights of glory and achievement.

Pakistan International School Jeddah - English section has been playing an integral role in strengthening our indestructible ties of the Pak-Saudi relationship.

Our students feel pride in studying its culture and language which reinforce their profound intimacy with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Both the countries maintain exemplary bilateral military, economic, security and cultural relations.

This cultural synergy is supporting to elevate the overall socio-economical structure in terms of trade, values, health and education in both the countries.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s overwhelmingly heartfelt statement during his recent visit to Pakistan – “I am the ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia,” not only endorses our fondness towards each other but also reflects our combined desire to take the history of our strategic relationships to a new level.

Sharing the joy of celebrating the Saudi National day with great pride and enthusiasm, I pray for the eternal peace in both the countries and their everlasting friendship.

Long live Saudi Arabia and Pak-Saudi friendship!