Cricket fans upset as India beat Pakistan in world cup match

Two men stand to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup cricket match screened in the capital’s Fatima Jinnah Park on Sunday, June 16, 2019 – (AN)
Updated 17 June 2019

Cricket fans upset as India beat Pakistan in world cup match

  • If Pakistan can’t beat India, how can it expect to win the World Cup argue cricket fans
  • India defeating Pakistan came as no surprise say Pakistanis that kept high hopes, low expections

ISLAMABAD: The excitement of Pakistani cricket fans swiftly turned to depression on Sunday as Indian batsman aggressively countered the blitz of Pakistani bowlers attempting to take down their South Asian arch rival during the first inning of the most awaited match of the cricket World Cup. Pakistan won its first and only World Cup in 1992 under the captaincy of incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Arab News witnessed several disappointed Pakistani cricket fans in Islamabad storm out from public and private screening venues of the India-Pakistan match early. Many predicted a defeat as India set a stunning 377 target for Pakistan which later was lowered to 302 impacted by intermittent wet weather.
The second inning which Pakistani batsmen played cautiously was shortened to 40 overs. Overall, spectators at home said the green team’s performance was subpar while fielding coordination disorganized.
Fans managed to salvage some moments of joy as Pakistan struggled to knock out Indian wickets. And when the green jerseys did, a dim ray of hope returned but quickly faded realizing the Indian were just too strong for Pakistan.
In this video, Arab News shows the match highlights, facial expressions, and people’s comments over India-Pakistan’s first pitched battle of ICC Cricket World Cup played in England which Pakistan lost by a mile.

Karachi braces for weekend rains as billions lost to drenches this week

Updated 26 August 2020

Karachi braces for weekend rains as billions lost to drenches this week

  • Losses from Tuesday's flooding estimated at Rs5 billion ($30 million), Karachi traders say
  • Met agency says floodwater in Karachi must be drained immediately to prevent further flooding on Saturday

KARACHI: Another spell of heavy rain is expected to lash the port city of Karachi on Saturday, Pakistan's meteorological department warned, as it called on the city's authorities to drain water from flooded neighborhoods to avoid further damage and casualties.

Rain-related incidents in the past few days killed dozens of people in the coastal metropolis of Sindh province, while streets, homes and factories were flooded with sewage water, causing losses of billions of rupees in the city where the drainage and sewage systems are outdated.

"There will be a gap of two days (in rains). If it is not utilized to drain out the water from the affected areas, a light to moderate spell on Saturday will drown them again," Sardar Sarfraz, chief metrological officer of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, told Arab News.

On Tuesday, he said, a record 345 millimeters of rainfall flooded most of the city.

As flooding brought operations at the city's industrial zones to a standstill, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) president Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan said the government should declare the rains a national disaster to allow people to be compensated.

Shaikh Umar Rehan, president of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) told Arab News that work has been heavily disrupted at the city's factories which normally operate non-stop.

“The factories work round the clock, but on Tuesday, even one shift couldn’t be completed,” he said.



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According to Atiq Mir, president of the Karachi Traders Association, losses from damages to the markets in the old city area alone are estimated to be Rs1 billion.

"As trade volume is Rs4 billion per day, both direct and indirect losses make it Rs5 billion ($30 million). On Wednesday, as the markets could not open completely, the (trade) community will have to bear another Rs2.5 billion losses."

The Sindh government and the military say teams are on the ground to drain the water and rescue the affected.

“It has broken an 89-year record and it was continuously raining for eight hours but as soon as the rain stopped teams were on ground to clear the areas. Most of the city’s thoroughfares were cleared by the Tuesday evening. The entire Sindh government was in the field to supervise the relief work,” Sindh Labor Minister Saeed Ghani told Arab News.

He added that the problem will not be resolved within days.

The military's media wing said in a statement that relief and rescue efforts were underway in the heavily flooded Malir Nadi, Kohi Goth and Dur Muhammad Goth areas of the city.