Dubai-based influencer Shahd looks back at Paris Couture Week

Updated 10 July 2019

Dubai-based influencer Shahd looks back at Paris Couture Week

DUBAI: We caught up with Dubai-based fashion influencer Shahad, who goes by @hermajeesty with her 493,000 Instagram followers, who was spotted dashing around the streets the French capital for Paris Couture Week last week. The trend-setter shared her thoughts on the shows, the mayhem and what it’s really like to get caught up in the madness of fashion week.

Q: What has made this trip particularly memorable?

First, good company is what makes a trip unique and forms unforgettable memories. Second would be the thrill (of) moving from one show to the other. Third, is the gratification of watching the latest designs from different designers from all over the world. Also, what made the trip memorable is meeting fashion lovers who came to attend couture week from all over the world, especially the designers.

Q: Of all the shows you have attended, what has stood out?

What I noticed after all the shows I have watched is the participation of a large number of Arab designers who are keen to present a large collection of different fashion trends. What is even better is that they suit both Middle Eastern and Western women’s tastes.  

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Q: How long does it take you to prepare your wardrobe for fashion week?

Of course, if any girl has a special outing, it will take her a week or two to think and plan her outfits. So, for a fashion blogger, who attends Paris Couture Week, it took me around a month to think of the looks I was going to prepare for this special week. Until the last day, I was sleep deprived. I was worried about forgetting any piece from my looks. It was a fun process, but at the same time it was tough.

Australian-Lebanese model Jessica Kahwaty urges fans to help Lebanon

Updated 24 min 36 sec ago

Australian-Lebanese model Jessica Kahwaty urges fans to help Lebanon

DUBAI: Model and philanthropist Jessica Kahawaty has taken to social media to raise awareness about Lebanon’s deepening economic crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to reports, the economic crisis coupled with the health pandemic can lead to a famine in the Levant country. 

Kahawaty, who is part Lebanese and part Australian, took to her Instagram Stories to explain the seriousness of Lebanon’s worsening economic crisis and hyperinflation. 

“For non-Lebanese to understand the severity of what’s happening in Lebanon: $100 used to give you 150,000 Lebanese Liras,” she wrote. “Due to the deteriorating state of the country, $100 gives you 900,000 Lebanese Liras. If you’re living and working in Lebanon and your salary a year ago was 4.5 million Liras per month, today that salary is worth $450. Severe inflation is reflecting an increase in prices in the supermarkets,” she added, before urging her followers to donate to different organizations helping on the ground in Lebanon. 

“If you know of more organizations, please DM me so I can share,” she wrote alongside links to several Lebanese NGO’s and charities that provide assistance to Lebanese families struggling to put food on the table.

The 31-year-old also shared a past shoot, which was orchestrated by a team of Lebanese photographers, stylists and makeup artists . “It pains me that this shoot was done by one of the most talented teams of Lebanese creatives, whose dreams are being shattered day-by-day along with the rest of the country due to the careless behavior of the leaders,” she captioned the black-and-white shot.

“Lebanon is known to produce such incredible talent especially in the fashion industry. It devastated me knowing that as soon as they somewhat had their feet on the ground, something close to what our parents experienced may happen again. From hyperinflation to the imminent risk of a civil war, once again the country and people are taken back many steps and many generations.” 

A few celebrities and figures have stepped in to offer their assistance to Lebanon amid its unprecedented economic crisis, including Hollywood power couple George and Amal Clooney who donated $300,000 to the Lebanese Food Bank in April.