Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drones targeting Saudi Arabia

The Houthis have fired dozens of missiles into Saudi Arabia. Most of the missiles have been intercepted by the Saudi military.. (AFP/File photo)
Updated 18 July 2019

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drones targeting Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Saudi air defense forces intercepted a weaponized drone launched by Houthi terrorists toward Jazan, the coalition supporting Yemen’s legitimate government said on Wednesday.

Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki condemned the terrorist act, saying it coincided with UN envoy Martin Griffiths’ visit to Sanaa, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Houthis are persistent in attempting to target civilian infrastructure, “proving their criminality and extremist ideology against the Yemeni people and neighboring countries,” he said.

On Tuesday, the coalition forces shot down three drones that were heading for southern Saudi Arabia and the cities of Jazan and Abha, according to reports. The drones were intercepted in Yemeni airspace.

On Monday, the coalition forces intercepted and shot down two unmanned drones launched from Sanaa toward civilians and civilian targets in southern Saudi Arabia.


Repeated Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia have been reported since the Kingdom led a coalition intervention in March 2015 to restore the UN-backed Yemeni government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, which the militia had ousted.

Al-Maliki said that these frequent attacks are systematically targeting civilians, in a clear and explicit violation of international humanitarian law.

He said that the coalition will continue to carry out deterrent measures to neutralize Houthi capabilities, in strict accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

On July 2, an attack on the airport left nine civilians wounded.

A missile attack on June 12 on Abha airport wounded 26 civilians, drawing retaliatory strikes by the coalition on Houthi positions.

Another attack on June 23 on the same airport killed a Syrian national and wounded 21 other civilians, according to the coalition.

Saudi Arabia tells UN: We are promoting sustainable methods in housing

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Saudi Arabia tells UN: We are promoting sustainable methods in housing

  • Saudi Green Building Forum attended conference at UN headquarters
  • SGBF demonstrated its commitment to affordable housing through environmentally sustainable practices

JEDDAH: The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) has shown that its mission aligns with the UN Commission for Social Development. 

A SGBF delegation attended the 58th session of the commission at UN headquarters in New York City on Wednesday.

The SGBF demonstrated its commitment to affordable housing through environmentally sustainable practices.

“The SGBF supports the integration of affordable housing within urban developments, architectural design and use of materials that support occupants’ wellbeing, and minimizing construction waste through efficient methods,” said Faisal Al-Fadl, SGBF chair representative to the UN.

Al-Fadl told Arab News: “Saudi Arabia is addressing key messages on clean energy and is focusing on a low-carbon, resource-efficient, inclusive circular economy and building systems addressing these core issues.

“The Kingdom is complying with the principle of sustainability and is helping to advance the resilience of our cities.”

The UN Commission for Social Development’s role is to monitor national and global socioeconomic trends, identify emerging issues and assess their implications for social policy at the national and international levels.

The session reviewed some of the social challenges of implementing the 2030 Agenda, with a focus on issues relevant to the three core social development goals identified at the World Summit for Social Development. 

The goals are eradicating poverty, promoting productive employment and decent work and promoting social inclusion.

The SGBF’s mission focuses on the resilience of city development practices within affordable housing developments to minimize negative impacts on the planet and citizens.

The forum addressed the practices of green systems and sustainable development in the Arab world. It said it will continue to work with the commission to support new resolutions on social and development issues, including the first-ever text on homelessness to be approved by a UN intergovernmental body.