Classy, classic kaftans are what Hoor Bahamdein does best

Hoor Bahamdein launched her eponymous brand in 2012. (Supplied)
Updated 05 August 2019

Classy, classic kaftans are what Hoor Bahamdein does best

LONDON: Jeddah-based fashion designer Hoor Bahamdein is not one to follow fads and trends — instead, she has mastered the art of creating elegant jalabeyas and she’s doing everything she can to prove that classic style trumps all.

She launched her eponymous brand in 2012 and now sells in bazaars and pop-ups across the country, as well as through her Instagram account, @hoorbahamdein, where fashion lovers can browse through her classic kaftans.

“Classic is classic,” Bahamdein told Arab News, “it’s never going to be a passing trend. I believe every person must have a classic piece in their closet. So classic, for me, is important… my brand is simplicity with a touch of luxury.”

Hoor Bahamdein is known for her classic designs. (Supplied) 

The designer is careful about the fabrics she chooses and focuses heavily on texture, comfort and adding the element of luxury.

Her go-to fabrics are “pure silk, taffeta and cotton because these fabrics allow the designs to be a perfect shape,” she said.

 “When women wear my designs, they feel feminine. Also, what is important is that my individuality is evident in each of my creations. It makes me happy when people notice my designs and appreciate my pieces,” the designed noted, adding that she seeks to create pieces for “the strong and feminine woman who knows what she wants.”

Hoor Bahamdein has mastered the art of creating elegant jalabeyas. (Supplied) 

Earlier this summer, Bahamdein released an elegant seasonal collection inspired by the traditional clothes of women in Hadramout, a governate of Yemen.

 “I took my inspiration from Hadramout where, in their culture, women wear the thobe in a Hadhrami way. I mixed this culture with something from my own designs for a unique look,” Bahamdein said.

The rising designer also has a message for young Saudi women who wish to pursue a career in fashion design.

“First of all, she needs to believe in herself and love what she does,” she said.

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