Hajj through history

In this Dec. 26, 2007 photo, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims pack the courtyard of the majestic Grand Mosque in Makkah. (AFP file photo)
Updated 15 August 2019

Hajj through history

Spiritual journey

Pilgrims arrive by ferry in 1957.  (National Geographic Magazine)


Memories of Hajj decades ago

A pilgrim comes out of his tent. (Al Ittihad archives)


Precious memories

Ajyad Street in Makkah during the 1960s. This photo was attached to an autographed Malcom X postcard sent to Gloria Owens, sister of Maceo X Owens, in 1964.


Religious enthusiasm

Pilgrims throw stones at Jamarat in Mina. 


Down memory lane

The city of Makkah in 1975, showing the Grand Mosque from the outside. (Al Ittihad archives)


Center of Islam

The Kaaba’s then gold-and-silver door went through several changes over the years. It took three years to build this particular door, which had a metal base, with two wooden shutters fixed on its surface. It was decorated with silver and copper and plated with gold. 


Pilgrimage in 1975

Memories of Hajj nearly 40 years ago reveal that Makkah has changed beyond recognition even if the message of Prophet Muhammad is the same. (Photo/Al-Ittihad archives)


More room for tawaf

Makkah’s Grand Mosque in all its glory before the expansion of the tawaf area. Now the pilgrims can circumbulate in large numbers with ease.


Hardship a thing of the past

Not all the pilgrims were able to afford a car ride to perform Hajj rites. Camels were also used to carry the old and the sick along with their belongings.


Planning solves congestion problem

The holy city of Makkah has undergone several phases of development in order to accomodate the ever-growing number of pilgrims. Prior to that, the city used to witness congestion and jams during the pilgrimage.


Transformation of the tent city

The photo taken during Hajj 1975 shows Mina with ordinary tents. Now the city is equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioned and fireproof tents, boosting the comfort level of pilgrims.


A glimpse from the past

An old photo of Hajj in 1975. (Social media photo)


Seeking God’s blessing

During circumambulation, pilgrims kiss the black stone or touch the Kaaba or the black silk and cotton fabric, called the Kiswa, which covers it. (Shutterstock)



Golden memories 

An old photo showing the process of making the Kaaba’s cover Kiswa in the 1970s.  (Social media photo)


Holy guests 

A file photo from Hajj 1978.


King Salman to chair 40th Gulf summit in Riyadh

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King Salman to chair 40th Gulf summit in Riyadh

RIYADH: A meeting of GCC leaders met today in Riyadh for a summit that will focus on improving integration between Gulf countries.

The 40th Supreme Council meeting will be chaired by King Salman.

GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdullatif Al-Zayani said Gulf leaders will discuss a number of important issues to enhance the process of cooperation and integration among member states in various political, defense, security, economic and social fields.

They will also review regional and international political developments, security conditions in the region, and their implications for the security and stability of the GCC countries.

Among the topics on the agenda is the war in Yemen and Iran’s interference in regional affairs.