Updated 14 August 2019

Dubai Opera celebrates Disney

The Dubai Opera is hosting a showcase of classic Disney movies for enthusiasts and children this summer, set to run from Aug. 15-30. Here are a few fun facts about the films that will go on show.

  • ‘Moana’

    Although Disney princesses historically have idealistic, sometimes unrealistic, characteristics, the animators of ”Moana” designed the lead character to have a realistic body type, hair look and facial features.

  • ‘Cinderella’

    In the history of Disney’s characters, “Cinderella” was the first non-royal-blood princess.

  • ‘Hocus and Pocus’

    The story of ”Hocus Pocus” came about after American writer David Kirschner invented a bedtime story for his kids. He later submitted the story to Muppet Magazine, where it gained recognition.

  • ‘Beauty and the Beast’

    Before “Up,” “Beauty and the Beast” was the only animated film that was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992.

  • ‘The Little Mermaid’

    The blue-green hue of mermaid Ariel’s fin was specially mixed by the Disney paint lab, and they called the new color “Ariel” in her honor.

  • ‘The Jungle Book’

    “The Jungle Book” was the last animated film Walt Disney himself worked on before he died in 1966.