Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh marks Independence Day

Acting Pakistan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr. Bilal Ahmad speaks at the 73rd Independence Day ceremony in Riyadh. (Supplied)
Updated 15 August 2019

Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh marks Independence Day

RIYADH: The Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh marked the 73rd Independence Day on Wednesday, during which acting Ambassador Dr. Bilal Ahmad unfurled the national flag. 

“Pakistani expatriates joined the flag-hoisting ceremony at the embassy … in large numbers to mark Independence Day, and to express solidarity with Kashmiri brothers and sisters,” an embassy spokesman said.

Indian-administered Kashmir has been under an unprecedented lockdown since last week after New Delhi revoked Article 370, a constitutional provision granting the region special status.

Pakistan has strongly condemned the “illegal and unilateral” move, and has downgraded diplomatic ties and suspended trade with India.

At the ceremony, Ahmad read out messages from Pakistani President Dr. Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

They paid tribute to those who fought and sacrificed to achieve independence, and called on citizens to strive to make Pakistan a prosperous and dignified country.

Ahmad said Pakistan will continue to support the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination.

Recently, Raja Ali Ejaz, ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, said: “We are proud to have developed into a modern state in the comity of nations through untiring efforts by the people and visionary leadership. Pakistan, a country of 200 million people, is today a progressive Islamic state with an active Parliament, independent judiciary, free media and vibrant civil society.”

Saudi Health Minister: No coronavirus cases in the Kingdom

Updated 26 January 2020

Saudi Health Minister: No coronavirus cases in the Kingdom

  • The Kingdom took measures to limit the spread of the virus

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday that there were no cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom. 
The Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, said measures to limit the spread of coronavirus were put in place. 
The Kingdom ramped up on health check points in airports, state news agency SPA said.