Coalition: Dhamar raid targeted aircraft storage

Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki. (SPA/File)
Updated 02 September 2019

Coalition: Dhamar raid targeted aircraft storage

  • The raid took place on one of the military sites of the province of Dhamar

RIYADH: Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki announced on Monday a coalition operation in Dhamar targeting the capabilities of the Houthi militias.

The raid took place on one of the military sites of the province of Dhamar about 10 kilometers north of the city.

The attack was on a storage area for drones and air defense systems equipment and missiles. Houthi militias transfer these capabilities from the port of Al Hodeidah to Dhamar and then transfer them to Saada and Amran, where ​​ Houthis launch ballistic missiles and drone attacks.

Al-Maliki said that the coalition took all necessary measures to plan the attack. “The coalition has all the information and the list of non-targeting sites inside Yemen, and this area is not one of them.”

After the coalition announced their target, the Houthi militias claimed that the coalition was targeting the community college, Al-Maliki said.

The day after the attack, the Houthi militias announced that a number of prisoners of the militias were kept at the site.

Al-Maliki showed a video of the coalition’s operation where the explosion led to several secondary explosions — “this indicates the presence of missiles and drones in the site.”

Houthi militias were responsible for hiding their military positions among civilians, he said, and the militias were violating international law by launching a cruise missile at Abha airport.

Al-Maliki added that there was an attempt to launch a ballistic missile by the Houthis from Amran governorate, which landed in Saada. “The Houthi militias deliberately launch ballistic missiles indiscriminately and there is no doubt that there were civilian casualties.”

Al-Maliki said that Houthi militias continued to violate international and humanitarian law and principles by disrupting commercial ships and by planting mines and explosive devices and threatening the lives of civilians.

The efforts of the coalition and Masam program to deal with mines planted by Houthi militias had so far led to “more than 83,000 mines (being) cleared from inside Yemen.”

A total of 14 Houthi drones have been intercepted during recent attacks, which targeted civilians at Abha international airport, Jazat and Najran airports.

The total number of Houthi militias violations of the Stockholm agreement is 7,010.

There have been six ballistic missiles launched by Houthi militias toward the Kingdom between August and September this year.

The total losses of the Houthi militia sites, weapons and equipment from August to September was 442 and the number of dead Houthi terrorists was 943, he said.

Saudi railway wins international award for safety measures

Updated 35 min 3 sec ago

Saudi railway wins international award for safety measures

RIYADH:  The Saudi Railways Co. (SAR) won the International Safety Award for 2020 from the British Safety Council for the second time in a row for its exemplary management of health, safety and environmental risks.

CEO of SAR Dr. Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik said that the company puts at the forefront of its strategic plans the application of the highest safety standards in operating the rail network in the Kingdom.

He said that SAR accords top priority to the culture of safety in the management, operation and maintenance of its trains by following international laws that have proven effective in ensuring safety in the work environment.

Al-Malik said: “We are proud that SAR wins such international awards, which reflect the efforts and decisions taken to apply and develop health and safety measures.”