Katy Perry walks to the beat in Andrea Wazen footwear

Katy Perry is a judge on season three of the rebooted version of ‘American Idol.’ (Getty Images)
Updated 06 October 2019

Katy Perry walks to the beat in Andrea Wazen footwear

DUBAI: US pop superstar Katy Perry was spotted at the “American Idol” auditions in the US state of Georgia last week wearing a slinky pair of sandals all the way from Lebanon.

The “Never Really Over” crooner sat on the judging panel wearing a bold palm-print suit, which she paired with neon green mules by Lebanese footwear designer Andrea Wazen.

Styled by celebrity “image maker” Samantha Burkhart, Perry finished off her two-piece suit with a pair of Gloria PVC Mules by the Beirut-based brand. The singer, who is judging participants on season three of the rebooted version of “American Idol,” opted for bright coral-hued makeup and a chic, blonde bob to complete the summery look.

Many celebrities have been spotted sporting shoes by Wazen, including the American actress Lucy Hale at August’s Teen Choice Awards in California.

Back in June, the shoes were worn by model Ashley Graham at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards ceremony. She paired her black heels with a custom-made Christian Siriano dress, with puffed sleeves and a form-fitting silhouette.

From model Emily Ratajkowski to Brazilian fashion influencer Camila Coelho, celebrities are flocking to Andrea Wazen for their footwear needs.

And it doesn’t end there, Wazen also created custom-made neon-green boots for Jennifer Lopez to wear during her “It’s My Party World Tour” this summer (and she worked on a pair of custom-made boots for rapper Cardi B just last week).

Wazen shared a snap of Lopez on her Instagram account at the time, captioning it: “I never imagined this day would come!! I remember dancing with my sisters to all her songs growing up (still do now). And now she’s dancing on stage in MY BOOTS!!! Feeling so blessed, thank you!”

The shoe designer was trained by leading footwear brands Rupert Sanderson and Christian Louboutin in London. Her shoes are now designed and produced in Beirut.

Wazen is not the only member of her family who has made headlines for her creativity, however. Her sister, Karen Wazen, launched an edgy eyewear line in December 2018. Earlier this year, British singer Dua Lipa was spotted wearing “The Glamorous” eyeglasses from Karen’s collection.

What We Are Reading Today: Trigonometric delights by Eli Maor

Updated 10 April 2020

What We Are Reading Today: Trigonometric delights by Eli Maor

Trigonometry has a reputation as a dry, difficult branch of mathematics, a glorified form of geometry complicated by tedious computation. 

In Trigonometric Delights, Eli Maor dispels this view. Rejecting the usual descriptions of sine, cosine, and their trigonometric relatives, he brings the subject to life in a compelling blend of history, biography, and mathematics. 

From the proto-trigonometry of the Egyptian pyramid builders and the first true trigonometry developed by Greek astronomers, to the epicycles and hypocycles of the toy Spirograph, Maor presents 

both a survey of the main elements of trigonometry and a unique account of its vital contribution to science and social growth. 

A tapestry of stories, curiosities, insights, and illustrations, Trigonometric Delights irrevocably changes how we see this essential mathematical discipline.