Arab Fashion Week: Key designers who will take to the stage

Updated 06 October 2019

Arab Fashion Week: Key designers who will take to the stage

DUBAI: The Dubai-based event is set to run from Oct. 9-14 at City Walk and features designers from across the world, including these creative talents. 

Hussein Bazaza

Lebanese designer Bazaza graduated from ESMOD Beirut before going on to launch his own line in 2012. The designer is known for his whimsical, fairy tale-like style that often has a dark edge.

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BAZAZA AW 19:20 AMAL | RTW |look 48

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Rami Kadi

Lebanese designer Rami Kadi is known for his unconventional take on high-end sartorial design and often works with unexpected materials like plexi-glass.

Sophia Nubes

The Italian brand, helmed by two creative heads, will show off its latest collection at Arab Fashion Week on Thursday.

Dhruv Kapoor

Indian designer Kapoor graduated from Istituto Marangoni, before joining Etro’s womenswear design team. He moved back to India in late 2013 and showed off his first capsule collection in 2014.

Nora Al-Shaikh

The Saudi designer launched her namesake label in 2012 after studying fashion at Riyadh’s Arts and Skills Institute. “I’m sharing my culture with a global audience while showing one aspect of what it means to be a Saudi in the 21st century,” she told the Arab Fashion Week website.

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Resort 2020 collection

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Dubai-based label ASMARAÏA is all about interpreting traditional Eastern clothing to create modern variations — all while maintaining modesty.

‘La Casa De Papel’ actor responds to backlash on Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan’s birthday wish

Mohamed Ramadan shared a video on his Instagram of Enrique Arce wishing him a happy birthday. (AFP)
Updated 28 May 2020

‘La Casa De Papel’ actor responds to backlash on Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan’s birthday wish

DUBAI: Spanish actor Enrique Arce, who stars as Arturo Román in the widely popular Netflix show “La Casa De Papel,” responded to claims made by social media fans saying his birthday wish to Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan was paid.

On Wednesday, Ramadan shared a video on his Instagram of the famous actor wishing him a happy birthday. 

“Hello Mohamed Ramadan, this is a message from Arturo Román. I know you know me, I know you hate me from ‘La Casa De Papel,’ but I know you are a very accomplished actor– according to (Moroccan-Swedish singer) Red One, (you are the) best actor in the Arab countries,” Arce said in a video. 

“So from your friend Arturo – I know it's your birthday – happy birthday brother Mohamed. I hope I get to meet you one day. I hope I get to work with you one day,” the star said. 

Arce concluded his message by singing the show’s famous theme song “Bella Ciao.”

A few hours after Ramadan published Arce’s video, the Egyptian singer, who celebrated his 32nd birthday on May 23, received backlash on social media, with comments saying that Arce was paid to film this video.

“To whoever noticed, the video has a ‘Starzly’ watermark, and this website, to people who know it know that it is famous for buying birthday wishes from celebrities around the world in return for money,” one user wrote.

محمد رمضان منزل علي صفحته أن الممثل انريكي ارسي بتاع لاكاسا دي بابل باعتله كل سنه وانت طيب علشان عيد ميلاده ورمضان رد...

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الفيديو اللي اتعمل لمحمد رمضان طلع دفع فيه ٩١ يورو شكرا يابرو

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Hours later, Ramadan shared with his 12.8 million followers Arce’s second video that addresses these claims.

“Just to make things clear – I don’t know – I’ve been told that there’s a big thing happening right now. This is from Red One, he contacted me (and) he told me you are the greatest,” Arce said, speaking to Ramadan, in the video. “I am following you on Instagram. I hope we get to work together man. I’ve heard you are pretty great, so I hope I get to meet you someday in person.”

He concluded his message saying: “Oh, Eid Mubarak, is that right?”

Ramadan also shared Red One’s reply on this matter on his Instagram stories. “The story that happened with Artureto from ‘La Casa De Papel’ and Arab legend Mohamed Ramadan is that some people took it as a mistake,” the singer said speaking to ET Bilarabi. “They thought that through this application ‘Starzly,’ Mohamed Ramadan gave him something for Artureto to do a message. It’s false. Absolutely false.”

Artureto is a friend of mine and when I told him that I have a superstar actor, like the number one actor Mohamed Ramadan, and I wanted to do a birthday wish to give him a personal gift, he did it with happiness and he was concerned about the issue as he said ‘inshallah we work together, and work on an international project,’” Red One said. 


لما بشوف جمهوري قلبي بيعمل بم بم بم بم بم بم بم بم بم

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“Mohamed Ramadan is a superstar. It is something out of question. We hope we do something international together with Artureto in ‘La Casa De Papel,’” the singer added.