US band Metallica’s ‘S&M2’ selling out in GCC ahead of Oct. 9 release

“S&M” is a live album with The San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen. (Getty)
Updated 08 October 2019

US band Metallica’s ‘S&M2’ selling out in GCC ahead of Oct. 9 release

DUBAI: A little over 20 years ago rock giants Metallica recorded the live album, “S&M” with The San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen. The result was a double CD that sold in the millions, as well as a hugely successful video release.

It was certainly an unusual concept — bringing classical music and heavy metal together — but it earned rave reviews from fans and critics, and earned the band a Grammy.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release, Metallica have recorded an updated version, featuring the first live performances of the original arrangements — although the original featured former bassist Jason Newsted who has since been replaced by Robert Trujillo.

Metallica bring classical music and heavy metal together in their music. (Supplied)

The resulting film will be shown across theaters worldwide on October 9th, with advance tickets already on sale in the GCC. Some UAE cinema screenings have already sold out, while states that Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah will confirm screenings. Meaning this could potentially become the first time many of the Kingdom’s Metallica fans see the band “live” (although Metallica have previously performed twice in Abu Dhabi).

Guitarist Kirk Hammett said in a statement, “We’re super-stoked, really excited, and really proud of how it turned out. And we hope you guys will be too. It's a wonderful thing to watch the orchestra. All these musicians coming together… making this huge musical entity. And then for me to then come in and be a part of that — a guitar player who plays loud distorted rock guitar — (is) an amazing opportunity.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich paid tribute to Kamen, who died in 2003.

“Michael was the one who brought the idea 23 years ago,” explained drummer Lars Ulrich. “At that time, the four band members of Metallica were maybe not as involved in the preparations. We trusted Michael. And we depended on him.”

Metallica announced this week that they had postponed their upcoming tour dates in Australia and New Zealand, as frontman James Hetfield has re-entered rehab.

“As most of you probably know, our brother James has been struggling with addiction on and off for many years," the band tweeted. "He has now, unfortunately, had to re-enter a treatment program to work on his recovery again."

At least fans will have the chance to see their heroes on the big screen in the meantime.

 “There is going to be a connection to the audience that might even get emotional,” said Trujillo.

Veteran singer Majida El-Roumi’s first magazine cover sends ‘a love letter to Lebanon’

The renowned soprano’s Vogue Arabia cover her first magazine shoot in her 45-year-long career. (Getty)
Updated 04 June 2020

Veteran singer Majida El-Roumi’s first magazine cover sends ‘a love letter to Lebanon’

DUBAI: Life in Lebanon is tough, with economic struggles, political protests and a pandemic, no one can be in any doubt that anyone living there faces daily challenges.

But that hasn’t stopped legendary Lebanese singer Majida El-Roumi pushing a message of hope.

The renowned soprano, famous for her hits “Kalimat,” “Ana Am Behlam” and “Sahrit Eid,” is featured on this month’s Vogue Arabia cover – her first magazine shoot in her 45-year-long career.

“The artist’s role is more important than a politician,” the music sensation told the publication. “An artist should call for unity, independence, and freedom of his country. This is their true duty.”

“What I care about is to stand by my human brothers, live their pain, and wipe their tears. This is my true joy,” El-Roumi explained.


@voguearabia ・・・ Majida El Roumi is one of the most prolific icons of the Arab world, but prefers to focus on her mission rather than on awards and ovations. With her voice, she chants for the people. “The role of an artist is more important than a politician,” she tells us. “Artists should call for unity, independence, and freedom for their countrymen. This is their true duty.” Don’t miss our Love Letter to Lebanon issue, which focuses on supporting the creative and humanitarian communities affected during these post-revolution and Covid-19 times. Cover 2 of 2 #VogueArabia #VogueLovesLebanon #Lebanon لا يختلف اثنان على أن النجمة ماجدة الرومي تعدّ من ألمع أيقونات الفن العربي، وإلى جانب مكانتها الفنيّة، تركز أسطورة الغناء على نشر رسالتها الإنسانية أكثر من سعيها وراء نيل الجوائز والتكريمات. وبصوتها الشجي وأغانيها العذبة، تعبّر النجمة الكبيرة عن الناس بصدق. وترى ماجدة الرومي أن "دور الفنان أهم من دور السياسي، فالفنان يجب أن ينادي بوحدة وطنه واستقلاليته وحريته وهذا واجبه الحقيقي". احرصوا على اقتناء عددنا الجديد الذي نبعث من خلاله بـ"رسالة حبّ إلى لبنان"، كما ندعم المجتمعات الإبداعية والإنسانية التي تضررت بعد الثورة وكذلك بفعل جائحة فيروس كورونا المستجد "كوفيد-19". #ڤوغ_العربية #ڤوغ_تحتفي_بلبنان #لبنان @awadelroumi ‎ #magidaelroumi #magida #MajidaElRoumi #magida_el_roumi #vogue #lebanon #voguemagazine #ڤوغ_العربية #لبنان #ماجدة_الرومي #ڤوغ_تحتفي_بلبنان Editor in Chief: @mrarnaut | Photography: @sandra.chidiac | Style : @aminejreissaty | Makeup: @bassamfattouh | Hair: @joeraad @joeraadhc | Production: @marianawehbepr assisted by @marwadarazi (Lebanon), (Dubai) | Words: @nadineelchaer | Shot on location at La Residence des Pins

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When addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the singer said: “I advocate for Lebanon to exercise sovereignty, dignity, and prestige on its land, and I call for confederation. Why shouldn’t there be a United States of Lebanon?”

El-Roumi shared a video on Wednesday on Instagram to tease her 120,000 followers with the issue. In the clip, she was seen – in her glamorous dresses – walking down the aisles of Lebanon’s Résidence Des Pins, saying: “It is difficult to summarise Lebanon in a few words. I wondered: ‘What should I say to gather all my thoughts.’”

In an interview with Lebanon’s TV channel El-Jadeed, El-Roumi said: “This is the one of the best things I’ve done in my life.”

“Today Lebanon is going through a tough period, but that will not be the case tomorrow,” she added. “Life does not go in a straight line. There are ups and downs. We are in a ‘down’ now, but tomorrow we will be stand stand back up.”    

The star, who has been a UN FAO Goodwill Ambassador since 2001, wore royal-like dresses by international celebrity-loved Lebanese designers Goerges Hobeika and Zuhair Murad.

El-Roumi’s Hobeika dress was a coral-colored cascading chiffon gown and her Zuhair Murad dress was a white lace caftan with the country’s flag loosely attached at the shoulder.

Both designers took to their social media accounts to share pictures of the magazine cover, noting they were proud to be part of a project that honored their country.