Saudi-developed tech showcased at GITEX

The Saudi Interior Ministry was at GITEX in Dubai to showcase their latest technology. (SPA)
Updated 09 October 2019

Saudi-developed tech showcased at GITEX

  • They include advanced radars and cameras on Saudi Arabia’s northern borders to detect any external threats among others
  • GITEX gathers important ministries, technology companies, and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest offerings

DUBAI: Multiple models of Saudi-developed security technology are being showcased at GITEX Technology Week 2019 in Dubai.

They include advanced radars and cameras that have been installed on Saudi Arabia’s northern borders to detect any external threats.

Engineer Samy Al-Hubaishi told Arab news that more cameras and radars will be deployed in other Saudi borders.

“The cameras are working efficiently, and thankfully have achieved remarkable successes,” Al-Hubaishi said. 

Drone shields have also been installed with new technology that sends electromagnetic waves to block communication between the aircraft and its controller.

The technology is considered one of the solutions to prevent external drones attacks.

The showcase took place shortly after Saudi Arabia's oil facilities were attacked by drones and cruise missiles. The attack was claimed by the Houthi militia in Yemen, however, the United States and Riyadh pointed the finger to Iran, as data collected from the wreckage site indicated that the attack came from the north, ruling out Yemen. 

The Saudi ambassador to the UAE, Turki bin Abdullah Al-Dakheel, visited the Saudi Interior Ministry’s pavilion at GITEX on Monday.
He was briefed on the smart technologies and solutions that are contributing to safeguarding the Kingdom’s security, the Saudi Press Agency reported. More than 1,000 people have visited the pavilion so far.

Agreement signed to train Saudis in construction

Updated 24 January 2020

Agreement signed to train Saudis in construction

RIYADH: The Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) has signed a cooperation agreement for nationals to be trained for jobs in the construction sector, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The memorandum of understanding, between Hadaf and Saudi Abyat Academy for Building Materials, is aimed at preparing nationals for the labor market through electronic training courses on the Doroob platform.

It was signed at Hadaf’s headquarters in Riyadh and will allow the academy to publish courses on Doroob.

Hadaf will also put in place enrolment standards for the Doroob courses and coordinate their development in line with the needs of the labor market.

Doroob comes within the training and qualification programs offered by Hadaf. It seeks to support Saudis who want professional advancement in their chosen field, as well as increasing the participation level of the national workforce in the private sector and helping job seekers to get better career opportunities.