Riyadh hums as Korean BTS deliver electric performance

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BTS setting new standards in the K-Pop music industry. (Social media photo)
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The seven-piece South Korean band BTS performed on Friday at a sold-out concert at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh. (Photo/Twitter @Turki_alalshikh)
Updated 12 October 2019

Riyadh hums as Korean BTS deliver electric performance

  • BTS has been collaborating with a number of Western artists such as Halsey, Steve Aoki and Nicki Minaj

RIYADH: In their bid to conquer the world and unite it with music, BTS performed at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh on Friday.

Their fans had been preparing for the concert ever since they heard the news. Twelve-year-old Ahmed Baleegh came to the concert with his older sister who introduced him to the band.

“It was exciting, there was constant suspense, especially when they performed Fake Love.”

He got into them when their track Fire was released. 

“It was my first time attending a K-pop concert and I knew it was going to be the best since it was BTS.”

He continued; “I think shows like this will enable more K-Pop bands to come to Saudi Arabia in the future.”

Army, the name given to the fandom by the band, flew to Riyadh from all over the Kingdom to attend the concert. 

On Twitter, fans showed how they took the time to prepare banners, stickers and more, often specific to each member of the band.

The band is known for their phenomenal music, setting new standards in the K-Pop music industry through their constant hard work. The band’s members remain humble and loving to their fans.

BTS debuted on the Big Hit Entertainment label in 2013; their songs were mostly based on the problems of society and following your dreams. Debuting with the song “No More Dream,” the band has been steadily climbing the ladder of success.

BTS has seven members, three rappers and four vocalists. Its rapper line is made up of Kim Namjoon, known as Rap Monster, Min Yoongi (Suga), and Jung Hosoek (J-Hope). 

The vocalists are Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin (Jin) and Kim Taehyung (V).

The concert was held at King Fahd stadium, where fans came equipped with their BTS light sticks, fan merchandise and BTS-themed clothes and makeup to have the time of their lives.

The buzz in the air determined how exciting the night would be. 

Fans meeting each other for the first time did not seem like strangers. 

They helped each other out, donating light sticks and merchandise to those who couldn’t afford it. The whole stadium felt like a gathering of friends.

With fans filing into the stadium and connecting their light sticks to the central control, BTS finally appeared on the stage in what looked like a sea of lights. 

It was a grand entrance and the fans showed their enthusiasm by screaming the entire first number, “Dionysus.” 

The song kick-started an emotional journey for the fans, who laughed, cried, screamed, and sang along with the boys they have seen on tiny screens for years.

After performing their first song with their trademark tight choreography, the seven boys introduced themselves. 

Their leader Kim Namjoon conducted their signature greeting “2,3 Bang Tan, hello we are BTS.”

Each of the members introduced themselves and spoke Arabic lines that they had practiced beforehand especially for the fans in Saudi Arabia.

Then they performed songs such as “Boy with Luv,” “Mic Drop” and “Dope.” They also performed as subunits and solos. 

Their youngest member, Jeon Jungkook, performed “Euphoria,” Kim Taehyung performed his captivating song “Singularity,” and Jung Hoseok performed his “Just Dance.”

They even interacted with the fans while performing, asking their crowd to sing along and help complete the lines.

BTS bade farewell to their fans, who clearly wanted more, and promised to come back to Saudi Arabia.

The fans left the stadium with twinkling eyes, discussing their favorite parts of the concert, and saying how they would remember this day for the rest of their lives.


Saudi Ministry of Culture launches platform for scholarship applications

Updated 20 January 2020

Saudi Ministry of Culture launches platform for scholarship applications

  • The scholarship program is open to those who wish to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree in various cultural and arts fields
  • The courses provided by the program include music, theater, visual arts

RIYADH: The Ministry of Culture has launched a website for applications from students who wish to join the Culture Scholarship Program. From Sunday, applications can be made at https://engage.moc.gov.sa/scholarships on three tracks: Self-financed students, pre-accepted students and the new students. The website features the application forms, benefits and general conditions for each track, as well as a list of relevant educational institutions.
The scholarship program is open to those who wish to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree in various cultural and arts fields from the world’s most prominent educational institutions.
The courses provided by the program include music, theater, visual arts (drawing, sculpture, art theory, calligraphy, art history, photography and cinematography) filmmaking, literature and linguistics, archaeology, culinary arts, design, architecture and libraries and museums.
The program offers several advantages for both self-financed students and pre-accepted students. Scholarships cover all tuition fees, financial support, living expenses, health care and return flights to the scholarship’s location for both the student and their companion.
Students in these two tracks are offered guidance and assessment programs to check their academic development during the program, as well as getting support in other aspects needed for their advancement. After their graduation, students in these two tracks can also join training programs abroad for a maximum of two years.
The program offers several advantages to new students who have not yet received acceptance. The program helps them to get the qualifications they need to be accepted by universities by offering assistance in overcoming obstacles such as language proficiency and interpersonal skills.
The program supports the students by organizing training workshops to develop their talents and skills. It introduces them to specialized experts in the field related to their scholarships. The program saves students time and effort and supports them throughout the whole registration process, by helping them write their resumes and complete their portfolios professionally.
The scholarship program is an educational first in Saudi Arabia, and is part of a Ministry of Culture initiative to develop national cadres specialized in cultural and arts fields so as to develop the sector and meet the increasing requirements of the labor market.