Saudi Build 2019 in Riyadh receives 23,000 visitors

The exhibition included the participation of 520 major international and local companies from 34 countries.
Updated 16 October 2019

Saudi Build 2019 in Riyadh receives 23,000 visitors

The 31st edition of Saudi Build 2019 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center concluded on Thursday. The exhibition was attended by more than 23,000 visitors, and included the participation of 520 major international and local companies from 34 countries.

Mohammed Al-Asheikh, head of marketing at Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC), the organizers of the event, said: “Saudi Build 2019 successfully managed to explore the future and phenomenal opportunities which the nation’s largest sector has to offer by bringing together thousands of local and international companies. Additionally, the exhibition hosted three high-level panel discussions that included 18 sessions with more than 20 speakers, in addition to presenting 15 case studies attended by senior government officials and CEOs.”

Activities of the first day were held under the title “The Future of Building in Saudi Arabia.” It included a high-level panel discussion titled “Empowering Innovation in the Leaders and Workforce of the Future.”

Two other sessions on the first day included: “Enhancing Saudi Export Quality and Readiness in the Construction Sector” and “Contracting as a Cornerstone of the Construction Industry.” 

The second day’s activities were titled “Key Project Investments Towards Saudi Vision 2030,” which included a study of the largest international tourism project “The Red Sea Project.”

The session titled “From Vision to Reality — Delivering The Red Sea Project” presented an overview of the project’s timeline and budget. The second session was titled “Business Transformation — Reshaping the Construction Industry to Match Industry 4.0.”

Two other sessions held on the second day included: “The Green Blue Urban Planning Core of Our Future Cities — Smart isn’t Always Technological,” and “Procurement for Mega Projects — Key Challenges and Risks.”

The theme of the third day’s agenda was “Emerging Technologies and Smart Cities — Transforming the Future of Construction.” The audience was introduced through the “3D Construction Printing — A Global Overview” session to the latest technology and its benefits in terms of cost and time savings. 

Other sessions included: “Sustainability in the Concrete Industry: Producing and Certifying Concrete with Low Impact on the Environment,” “Benefits of Off-Site Manufacturing — Changing the Construction Industry,” and “Smart Cities from BIM to CIM.”

One of the most important government initiatives that were showcased in the exhibition was the “Building Technology Stimulus Initiative,” launched by the Ministry of Housing, and the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, and supported by the Private Sector Stimulus Plan.

Zain KSA wins Best 5G Infrastructure Deployment award

Updated 12 December 2019

Zain KSA wins Best 5G Infrastructure Deployment award

RIYADH: Zain KSA has been awarded the Best 5G Infrastructure Deployment title during Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit that took place in Dubai on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. Over 600 attendee’s ICT companies from more than 23 countries worldwide participated in the 13th edition of the event which focused on the main trends in the ICT sector, namely: 5G network, cyber security, data traffic and digitalization.

Commenting on the new accolade, Chief Technology Officer Eng. AbdulRahman bin Hamad Al-Mufadda at Zain KSA, “the Best Infrastructure Deployment award reaffirms Zain’s role in being a digital lifestyle provider. He emphasized Zain KSA’s role in assisting the development and transformation the Kingdom is witnessing, mainly in terms of enabling and unlocking opportunities for people by creating a sophisticated infrastructure in line with the Kingdom’s digital transformation."

Al-Mufadda added that Zain KSA is continuously enhancing its services and enabling its customers with a new lifestyle to benefit from ultramodern technology by rapidly upgrading its offerings and adapting to the latest advancements in the sector.

Zain KSA has recently announced the completion of its first phase of its 5G network with a wide coverage encompassing 27 cities across the Kingdom through 2,600 towers. At the time of roll-out, the company’s 5G network was the 3rd largest globally and the first in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

The 5G network boasts a speed 10 times faster than its predecessor, supporting impressive uploading and downloading rates that will make for an exceptional user experience. The higher capacity of the 5G network, as compared to that of the 4G, will enable more devices to connect to one telecom tower simultaneously without interfering with the user experience. And the low latency where subscribers can enjoy fast response during their internet usage.

As the largest ICT industry event, the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit offers ICT players and experts from all over the globe the opportunity to connect and share the latest innovations in the industry. Additionally, the conference features in-depth panel discussions and a demo area where participating companies can showcase their cutting-edge solutions. The Telecom Review Awards recognize industry leaders for their efficiency and their efforts in promoting the telecom and ICT sector globally.

About Zain KSA:
It is a leading digital service provider in the Kingdom founded in 2008. It offers many services including telecom services, 5G network, digital payment services, cloud computing, IoT solutions, fiber internet services, drones, and many others.

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