New 2020 Ford Taurus launches in the GCC

The new Taurus claims to deliver what large sedan buyers in the GCC really want.
Updated 13 November 2019

New 2020 Ford Taurus launches in the GCC

With a new look, class-leading levels of comfort and refinement, and the latest in Ford’s active and passive safety features, the new 2020 Ford Taurus claims to deliver more of what large sedan buyers in the GCC really want.
Ford’s flagship sedan has been completely redesigned, with a major focus on refinement, safety and practicality for new car buyers.
“The all-new Ford Taurus combines the very best of our global product development capability and large car expertise with a clear understanding of what Middle East customers in this segment really want,” said Adriaan Coetzee, director product and brand marketing for Ford Direct Markets. “With a powerful, confident and inviting design, a spacious and elegant interior, impeccable craftsmanship, compelling performance and advanced technology, the Ford Taurus makes no compromises as an innovative flagship sedan.”
As with all new launches into the region, the Taurus underwent exhaustive testing by Ford’s in-market product development team ahead of its arrival. Conducted at the height of the Middle East summer, much of the testing centered on engine and air-conditioning performance during some of the harshest weather the region experiences.
“We have some of the most demanding conditions on Earth,” said Ziyad Dallalah, chief resident engineer, Ford Direct Markets. “Dust, heat and high humidity all contrive to inhibit performance of both the powertrain, and systems like air-conditioning, which rely on the engine to perform optimally.”
“The all-new Taurus passed every test we could level at it,” Dallalah said. “In terms of occupant comfort, it is one of the best performing vehicles Ford currently offers.”
Ford’s development team also focused on high-speed levels of refinement and cabin quietness. With long distance motoring key to customers in Saudi Arabia and other countries, Ford’s engineers felt it was important to reduce as much cabin noise through chassis refinements, and small changes to the exterior.
The new Taurus launches into the Middle East in a choice of four trim levels: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus.

Tire business poised for growth in Saudi Arabia despite COVID-19

Updated 23 September 2020

Tire business poised for growth in Saudi Arabia despite COVID-19

Despite the still raging COVID-19 pandemic, the tire business is poised to come back stronger than before as people become even more reliant on their vehicles to get to their destination while ensuring minimum exposure risk level. This was one of the highlights of the first virtual meetup hosted by Bridgestone Middle East, which expressed optimism about future market prospects in Saudi Arabia post-pandemic with the gradual easing of restrictions and people continuing to observe social distancing as they move around.

During the meeting, Stefano Sanchini, regional managing director for Bridgestone Middle East, and Berna Akinci, head of marketing for Bridgestone Middle East, discussed the economic repercussions of the pandemic on the automotive sector and the tires industry, following the temporary closures of businesses, impacting jobs as well as people staying more at home to avoid getting infected by the virus.

While economic impact has hit the pockets of vehicle owners in the Middle East, Sachini and Akinci emphasized that road safety must not be compromised to save on money when it comes to replacing tires and should be considered as a necessity.

They also took the opportunity to update the participants on the latest trends in the regional market, which has been rapidly catching up with the digitization of almost all sectors, including the emergence of new mobility ecosystems.

During the talk, speakers identified safety as a priority when buying tires. Buyers should consider purchasing only quality tires as it affects the braking distance, the handling, and grip while driving.

The drop in the demand for tires during the height of the lockdown affected sales, however, the trend is moving upwards again as restrictions have eased in some parts of the region. In this regard, Bridgestone has been looking on ways to enrich its brand offerings to add value to customers.

The company further emphasized the importance of going digital for the industry to reach out and meet the needs of its customers, especially in the Middle East, where there is a high rate of usage of digital devices. 

The value of data management as the new fuel for mobility has also been talked about during the meetup.