Updated 13 November 2019
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Things to see at the Global Grad Show

From designs that focus on tech and sustainability to healthcare and nutrition, these are the must-see projects from the 2019 Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week.

  • Sonar Sphere

    Designed by Oliver Greenwood from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, this project serves as an add-on to the commercial fisherman’s net to make it impossible to get lost and pollute the ocean.

  • Open Insulin Project

    Jing Yu from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design offers a solution for producing medical-grade insulin at home for a fraction of the market cost.

  • Holowave

    The brainchild of Zhefan Yu, Ruichang Zhang and Yudong Tao from Tsinghua University, this project enables ALS patients to show any expression by way of a hologram.

  • Terracold

    A student of ECAL- University of Art and Design Lausanne, Anne Bertoncini proposes a zero-energy, electricity-free refrigerator for storing fruits, vegetables and drinks.

  • Excelscope 2.0

    A low-cost digital microscope for detecting malaria dreamed up by Jon A. Van Ackeren, Gerianne Boer, Julieta Bolanos Arriola, Francesco de Fazlo, Linde de Jonge, Krishna T. Rajagopal from the Delft University of Technology.

  • Pain’t

    Created by Rhea Bhandari from the School of Visual Arts in New York, this app allows patients to document and illustrate their pain in real time.