Highlights from ‘Fashcultivate’ running at Dubai's 1971 Design Space 

‘Fashcultivate’ runs until February 8. (Supplied)
Updated 15 November 2019

Highlights from ‘Fashcultivate’ running at Dubai's 1971 Design Space 

Here are some highlights from ‘Fashcultivate,’ which runs until February 8 at 1971 – Design Space in Dubai. 

‘Um Rashid’

Hessa Al-Suwaidi

“Fashcultivate” is an exhibition of commissioned pieces inspired by the date palm from a number of regional designers, including Emirati textiles designer Hessa Al-Suwaidi, whose work merges traditional techniques (in this case, safeefa — palm-frond weaving) with digital photography and illustrations.

‘The Palm Tree of Life’

Khalid Mezaina

Mezaina — founder of his own studio and brand, Krossbreed — contributes this woven carpet as his tribute to the date palm. Mezaina embroidered and screen printed illustrations of the tree onto the carpet using green to symbolize leaves and brown to symbolize trunks within a red outline.


Maryam Omaira

The Emirati designer, who established her eponymous fashion and jewelry brand in 2012, created a typically experimental and bold piece for “Fashcultivate,” producing a striking spiky dress with a silhouette that is reminiscent of the outline of the palm tree’s fronds.

Where We Are Going Today: Khurafa Studios

Updated 13 December 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Khurafa Studios

Khurafa Studios is taking denim jacket aesthetics to another level. The jackets are often described as a must-have item in your closet, regardless of your gender, as any boring outfit can be leveled up with one.

Khurafa Studios are going even further by creating unique jackets. Its jackets can be customized to your liking.

The design, size, and the type of art you want on the back can all be tailored exactly to your liking so that you have a piece of clothing that is unique and an instant favorite.

Some of their more popular designs include nostalgic anime characters and quotes in Arabic.

The price is fairly reasonable, and the employees are extremely helpful. Khurafa Studios has spread its wings internationally and on their Instagram page @KhurafaStudios people from all over the world share pictures and videos of their own unique jackets.