Health comes first for Danube Online shoppers

Updated 28 November 2019

Health comes first for Danube Online shoppers

Danube Online, an online grocery shopping platform in the Kingdom, has revealed the top online food shopping trends in advance of its “Green Friday” shopping festival. The sale event is Danube Online’s take on the global shopping phenomenon “White Friday,” which takes place on Friday, Nov. 29.

Online grocery shopping in the Kingdom continues to show strong growth. Forty-five percent of shoppers in the Kingdom bought groceries online at least once and with the Kingdom’s retail market predicted to be valued at $119 billion by 2023, the forecast for growth remains strong. 

Danube Online and the Danube app are on track to hit 3 million users in 2019.

Majed M. Al-Tahan, founder and CEO of Danube Online, said: “This is our third year celebrating ‘Green Friday’ which is the Danube Online take on the global shopping phenomenon ‘Black Friday’ or ‘White Friday’ as we say in the Middle East. To mark the occasion this year, we are sharing some telling insights into online grocery shopping trends from Saudi Arabia and we can see clearly that our Danube Online shoppers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and demanding healthier food options. Online grocery is one of the fastest growing retail segments in the region. These insights are gathered from shopping patterns over the last year, but we predict these trends to continue in 2020.”

Amongst Danube Online shoppers, cravings for sugar alternatives and natural flavors are growing. Over the 12-month period from September 2018 to September 2019:

• The growth in sales of honey was 64 percent higher than growth in sales of sugar.

• The growth in sales of natural drinks sweeteners such as stevia-based sweeteners was 87 percent higher than the growth in sales
of sugar.

• The growth in sales of fresh juices was 96 percent higher than the growth in sales of sugary soda drinks.

• The growth in sales of sugar-free jams was 44 percent higher than the growth in sales of chocolate spreads. 

• The growth in sales of healthy potato chip alternatives such as chia seed and kale chips grew 160 percent versus the growth in sales of regular potato chips.

• Fresh fruit sales grew over 70 percent.  The demand for whole-grain products such as whole-grain bread, whole-grain rice and whole grain tortillas grew by 340 percent compared to sales of the same non-whole grain product options over the same period. 

Another strong food trend emerging is the thirst for organic milk options, which grew in sales by over 200 percent when compared to sales of non-organic milk. 

SABB named Saudi Arabia’s ‘best trade finance bank’ for 2020

Updated 03 June 2020

SABB named Saudi Arabia’s ‘best trade finance bank’ for 2020

SABB has been named the “Best Trade Finance Bank in Saudi Arabia” for the year 2020, by the Global Trade Review (GTR) magazine. This is the second consecutive year that SABB’s global trade and receivables finance (GTRF) has picked up the coveted award in this category, and the sixth time in the past 10 years.

The award is based on client surveys, carried out by the GTR magazine and other specialized institutions in the global market, taking into consideration the banks’s achievements and its supportive role on global trade.

SABB remains the trade provider of choice in Saudi Arabia as evidenced by market share. Its innovative digital products, extensive capabilities and customer services are market leading, and it continues to deliver creative, risk mitigating and customized solutions for its clients along their entire supply chain, distinguishing SABB from its competitors. The merger with Alawwal Bank has further strengthened the market position of SABB, with the expertise of SABB in the global corporate space being complemented by the SME acumen of Alawwal Bank.

Majed Najm, deputy managing director, responsible for corporate and institutional banking at SABB, said: “We are delighted to win this award, which reflects our leading position in providing products, services, and innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs, as well as our significant role in global trade promotion, which is especially important in these uncertain times.”

He added: “SABB remains the bank of choice for global multinationals operating in Saudi Arabia, where 90 percent of them use SABB for their banking requirements. Additionally, SABB’s association with HSBC reinforces SABB’s ability to offer its customers trade solutions and services of top international quality and provides SABB with an unrivaled international access and connectivity. No matter how trade finance evolves in a post-COVID-19 environment, SABB will be well placed to develop and support its clients through this.”