Sayidaty’s lifestyle show ‘Girls Know’ reaches millions online

Sayidaty’s lifestyle show ‘Girls Know’ on Snapchat targets modern Arab women.
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Updated 17 December 2019

Sayidaty’s lifestyle show ‘Girls Know’ reaches millions online

Sayidaty’s lifestyle show “Girls Know” on Snapchat has amassed 2.1 million unique views from around the world, and 16 million overall views. The show targets the next generation of female readers of Sayidaty, a popular weekly Arabic and monthly English women’s magazine published by the Saudi Research and Publishing Company.

Known to be digitally savvy in its approach of engaging with its readers across all social media channels, Sayidaty discovered a huge untapped audience online and found a way to connect with them through this series.

Launched in November this year, “Girls Know” is the latest in Sayidaty’s portfolio of successful shows targeting young Arab women, between the ages of 18 to 25, providing them with light-hearted, bite-sized content on the issues that most affect them today. 

The show prides itself on understanding exactly what the modern Arab girl wants, and covers everything from social issues, female health, fitness, lifestyle, mental health, empowerment, to education, relationships and much more.

“‘Girls Know’ is an essential show for the generation of Arab girls who will inherit Sayidaty’s core values and heritage. This further demonstrates the need for such a show for the next generation of Arab women as well,” a statement said.

The first five episodes have attracted 1.38 million views to date, with the number of unique views from Saudi Arabia on the rise. Some of the most watched episodes revolve around health and fitness.

“Sayidaty plans to continue producing the next season of ‘Girls Know’ in January 2020, as it looks to remain emotionally in touch with its valued audience — the strong Arab women of the future,” the statement said.

LuLu stores in Saudi Arabia launch Indian food festival

Updated 13 August 2020

LuLu stores in Saudi Arabia launch Indian food festival

  • The week-long event, in celebration of India’s Independence Day, features about 2,000 products

LuLu Hypermarkets is celebrating India’s Independence Day, which falls on Aug. 15, with an Indian-themed food festival across its stores in Saudi Arabia.

The week-long promotion, which continues until Aug. 18, features about 2,000 Indian products, including organic groceries, fresh foods, ethnic delicacies and desserts.

“We are trying to showcase the versatility and diversity of Indian food products handpicked by our well-spread supply chain in India and across the world,” said Shehim Mohammed, director of LuLu Hypermarkets Saudi Arabia.

The proximity of India to the Kingdom means that more fresh products arrive regularly, he added, most of which are flown in to maintain their freshness “as we move closer to a farm-to-fork concept in (the Kingdom), featuring both locally and internationally sourced ranges.”

As Saudi Arabia gears up for the start of the new school term, LuLu has also launched its back-to-school promotions.