Saudi embassy in China urges citizens to leave amid coronavirus outbreak

Security personnel wearing protective clothing to help stop the spread of a deadly virus, stand at a subway station in Beijing on Sunday. (AFP)
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Updated 26 January 2020

Saudi embassy in China urges citizens to leave amid coronavirus outbreak

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s embassy in China on Sunday urged its citizens to leave the country for their safety amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The embassy issued a statement also urging its citizens to avoid visiting China, whether it be for business or tourism purposes.

The coronavirus outbreak that began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has killed 56 people in China and infected more than 2,000 globally, most of them in China.

The statement also called on Saudi residents and visitors in China to “remain in their residences, be careful and adhere to the preventive and health and safety measures until their opted departure.”

The virus has caused alarm because it is still too early to know how dangerous it is and how easily it spreads between people.

Like many countries, Saudi Arabia has started screening travelers arriving in the Kingdom from China. No cases have yet been recorded in Saudi Arabia.

‘Wusool’ transport program benefits 60,000 Saudi women

Updated 20 February 2020

‘Wusool’ transport program benefits 60,000 Saudi women

RIYADH: Over 60,000 Saudi female employees have benefited from Wusool, a female transportation program that helps ease their daily commute.

The program aims to find solutions that reduce the burden of transportation costs for Saudi female workers in the private sector by providing them with subsidies from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) for high-quality, safe and secure transportation services to and from the workplace, partnering with taxi companies through licensed smart apps.

The program aims to increase the participation of women in the labor market and increase job stability. 

The HRDF said it made amendments and updates to Wusool to ensure that the largest number of applicants benefitted from it. This comes as part of the HRDF’s support for women working in the private sector.

The procedures included amendments to the terms of enrollment in the program, including the requirement to be registered under the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), where the employee should be registered for less than 36 months, and her monthly salary should not exceed SR8,000 ($2,132). SPA Riyadh

The amendments also included a fixed monthly financial support provided by HRDF, covering 80 percent of the cost at a maximum of SR800 per month, in addition to the cancelation of the previously planned financial participation of SR200, and extending the support period to 12 months.

Women working in the private sector can register for the Wusool program by visiting