Neom opens Saudi student scholarship program

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Updated 30 January 2020

Neom opens Saudi student scholarship program

  • Candidates will be chosen according to their proficiency and available academic spots

TABUK: Neom, Saudi Arabia’s vast “smart city” project, has opened registration and admission for an internal scholarship program in partnership with Tabuk’s Fahad Bin Sultan University.

Registration should be completed on the website, which includes enrollment conditions and requirements, before Feb. 3. 

Fifty students will be able to register and attend classes with the start of the first semester on Feb. 9, 2020, in renewable energy engineering.

The university has a distinguished renewable energy program in partnership with the University of Dayton in the US. It will also seek to add more prestigious international universities to the joint program with Neom in future. 

Candidates will be chosen according to their proficiency and available academic spots.

The program offers career paths as part of the Neom mega-project and its operating companies when students finish their studies.

A recently signed partnership with Fahad Bin Sultan University will provide scholarships for about 500 Tabuk and Neom students in specialized fields over the next five years.

The company also will provide 50 additional students with scholarships at the university during the second half of the year, bringing to 100 the total number of students included in the program for the year.

The program is one of several launched by Neom as part of a social responsibility strategy to involve local students in the project.

Renewable energy is one of Neom’s main sectors since the project will rely on clean energy sources, such as sun and wind, to make the city’s energy system one of the best in the world.

Saudi King praises role of women at W20 summit

Updated 22 October 2020

Saudi King praises role of women at W20 summit

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has praised the exceptional role played by women during the coronavirus pandemic.
In a speech delivered at the end of the W20, the G20 women’s engagement group, on Wednesday, King Salman said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the Women 20 Engagement Group for their remarkable efforts and commitment to deliver their agenda during these unprecedented times caused by the COVID -19 pandemic.”
The Saudi king described women as the source of evolution for any society and said that without empowered women it is difficult to reform societies. 
“Women are the main source of development for any society. Hence, without empowered women, it is almost impossible to implement any societal reforms given that women form half of the societies and they are the ones who raise up generations. Women has proven through history their remarkable role in leading change and in decision making.”
The king noted that Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 has dedicated special attention to discussing policies related to women across different ministerial and working group meetings.